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Network Solutions

Solutions help your business value creation that Fujitsu believes, and commitment to social infrastructure is our mission.
We will continue to provide our hardware and software products for telecommunication networks as key elements of a social infrastructure.
Fujitsu as your business partner, create technology to enable faster and more reliable global communication services from both viewpoint of "building the network" and "utilizing the network".
Operators of all types and sizes trust Fujitsu as a long-term business partner who consistently understands and exceeds expectations.
As a result, Fujitsu network technologies and solutions bring the benefits of anytime, anywhere communication to people and organizations all over the world.

Fujitsu proposes efficient networking technologies to challenge for long distance and large capacity, and that will meet the growing demands of mobile services and the expansion of broadband market.

Integration of Information Technology (IT) and Communication Technology (CT) is an integral factor for the upcoming IoT era, in which the development of uses for networks is difficult to predict. Fujitsu's network virtualization solutions give an answer for such unpredictable environments by integrating the IT world and the CT world.

Our network management solutions protect and support operators as they deliver the continuous high-quality service on which their customers rely.
We work with operators to ensure maximum quality of service throughout the network life cycle.