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FUJITSU Network Remote Radio Head (RRH)

RRH for Mobile Base Station

As the increased popularity of smartphones drives increases in mobile data traffic, mobile service providers face the need to install numerous high capacity/high speed base stations. These base stations must cover not only wide areas but also small areas with flexible and dynamic supply in response to unpredictable regional demand. Mobile service providers face challenges in improving spectral usage efficiency, and in reducing deployment and operational cost.

Mobile base station images

Fujitsu has envisioned heterogeneous network architecture in order to address these challenges. We also provide a wide range of RRH products that enable heterogeneous network configuration from macrocell to small-cell solution. The Fujitsu RRH products range from small and low-power RRH offerings to compact, highly efficient, and high-power RRH products. In order to provide a flexible network, Fujitsu also focuses on open optical interface such as ORI (Open Radio equipment Interface).

Our solutions maximize cost-to-performance by realizing the lowest CAPEX and OPEX with tried-and-trusted high quality and reliability.

About the Fujitsu RRH

As a pioneer RRH vendor, Fujitsu offers high-quality, compact, lightweight RRH based on its own unique technologies. Fujitsu RRHs are designed to reduce total cost of ownership for operators. Fujitsu has delivered more than 114,700 units since 2004 (as of March, 2012), with a strong track record of excellent in-field reliability.

Fujitsu RRH product images

Fujitsu RRH product images

Fujitsu RRH Features:

  • Plastic cover
    The flame-resistant plastic cover reduces unit weight and holds down installation cost.
  • High Efficiency
    World-class low power consumption reduces operational cost.
    Support for standardized interfaces to the Baseband Unit (BBU), such as ORI, CPRI or OBSAI, reduces deployment times and improves operational efficiency.
  • Multi Technology
    Fujitsu RRHs support GSM / CDMA / WCDMA / LTE simultaneously in one RRH.
  • Wideband
    New Digital Pre-Distortion compensation (DPD) algorithms and new amplifier technology are optimized for wideband signal transmission.
  • Dual-band
    The Fujitsu RRH supports two different bands with Fujitsu miniaturization technology.

RRH Product Lineup

FUJITSU Network Remote Radio Head (RRH)
FUJITSU Network Remote Radio Head (RRH) Product Lineup