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Core Network

Network Evolution with 1FINITY Series: Functionally Disaggregated Blade

  • 1FINITY Platform
  • 1FINITY L100
    Dynamic ROADM Functionality
  • 1FINITY S100
    1.2 Tbps Ethernet Switch
  • 1FINITY T100
    800 Gbps Transponder for DCI
  • 1FINITY T200 and T210
    Transponder for long-haul and subsea
  • 1FINITY T300 and T310
    1 TbpsTransponder and 200Gbps Muxponder for Metro
  • 1FINITY T400
    1 Tbps Layer 1 Aggregator

Optical Transport Network

Packet Optical Networking Platform

  • FLASHWAVE 9500
    Packet Optical Networking Platform; Seamless connection from terrestrial to subsea
FLASHWAVE 9500 Multi-layer Convergence Solution

WDM Platform

Submarine Transport Platform

Wireless Transport Network


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