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SDH Microwave Radio System


Full Indoor High Capacity Digital Radio Equipment (FRX) Photo The Fujitsu FRX-2 product is a proven SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) Microwave Radio System operating around the world, and is an evolution from our first generation of FRX system. The FRX-2 product has flexible housing applications, which are suitable for deployment in a wide range of SDH networks;

Rack-mount type (N+1) mainly for trunk links
Compact IDU type (1+1) appropriate for spur and approach links
Compact ODU type (1+0) appropriate for approach links
Rack-mount Type (N+1) (600(W) x 300(D) x 2200(H) mm)


- Compact SDH radio equipment to meet long-haul demand
- Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
- High system gain while achieving low power consumption
- Seamless SDH network with fiber optic systems
- User-friendly Network/Element Management Interface
- Wide coverage of frequency band menus from 4 to 13 GHz
Compact High Capacity Digital Radio Equipment (C-FRX) Photo
Compact IDU Type (1+1) (300(W) x 350(D) x 500(H) mm)

Advanced Technologies

Transmitter and Receiver Module all-in-one Package Including Ten Functions (MSTU) Photo The main concept of designing FRX-2 system was to retain or improve performance and functionality, to reduce size, weight and to increase reliability still further. These objectives have been met by the extensive use of integration both in microwave frequency circuits and in lower frequency circuits including STM-1 data processing, all of which are packaged in a Main Signal Transmission Unit (MSTU).

We have used very large-scale custom LSI devices in the equipment to employ pure digital techniques wherever possible, e.g. the whole part of the modulator, demodulator, transversal equalizers, and roll-off filters are fully digitally implemented. Therefore the radio performance is completely predictable and repeatable during manufacture, with no tricky analogue adjustments to be made. The equipment is very compact, and a fully equipped 7+1 system (a terminal with 7 working channels and 1 protection channel) can be accommodated in a single ETSI rack.

We minimized the number of frequency dependent spares required by using wide-band techniques for the amplifiers and synthesized oscillators. This enables one MSTU to cover a complete half-band. As for installation by a customer, on arrival the equipment is ready for work, and traffic can flow immediately after primary power on.

Also, when replacing a MSTU, no adjustment and provisional settings are required because all provisional settings data such as radio point frequency, transmit power output and wayside traffic usage are stored in a supervisory unit with back-up memory. And also no manual cable connection is needed because base band/RF connectors are fully plugged-in.
(53(W) x 283(D)
x 480(H) mm)

Network Management System

FLEXR-EC (Element Controller) is Windows based software running on laptop PC that can be connected directly to FRX-2 equipment as a craft terminal, or can remotely access the FRX-2 network via DCC links. FLEXR-EC enables alarm conditions to be examined in detail, and enables the system to be configured by simple operation.

FLEXR-EM, the Fujitsu element layer manager, provides access to surveillance, control, and security functions for specific managed sub-networks. Element-level alarm surveillance, NE performance, and software download are among the features supported.

As an alternative to the FLEXR-EM solution, which is based on TL-1 communication protocol with FRX-2 radio equipment, Fujitsu can also offer SNMP-based Network Management System to supervise the FRX-2 network. In the case of SNMP-based NMS or EMS, FRX-2 equipment also provides Web-based user interface for local/remote operations to monitor and control the Network Element.


Frequency Band(MHz) U4
Modulation Type 128QAM-MLCM
ITU-R Series Rec.No. F.382-6 F.383-5 F.385-6 F.385-6 F.386-4
Channel Spacing(MHz) 29 29.65 28 28 29.65 28
Protection System Alternated Rack-mount Type 5+1 7+1 4+1 4+1 7+1 7+1
Compact Type 1+1 (IDU) / 1+0 (ODU)
Co-channel Rack-mount Type 2x(5+1) 2x(7+1) - - 2x(7+1) -
RF Output Power(dBm)(+/-1dB) 32 32 32 32 32 27
System Gain (Db) (Note) 106 106 106 106 105.5 97.5
Wayside 2xN (N: Number of RF channels)
Frequency Band(MHz) 4
Modulation Type 64QAM-MLCM
ITU-R Series Rec.No. F.635-4
F.384-6 F.387-7
Channel Spacing(MHz) 40 40 40 40
Protection System Alternated Rack-mount Type 6+1 6+1 7+1 7+1
Compact Type 1+1 (IDU) / 1+0 (ODU)
Co-channel Rack-mount Type 2x(6+1) 2x(6+1) 2x(7+1) 2x(7+1)
RF Output Power (dBm) (+/-1dB) 32 32 32 29
System Gain (dB) Note 108.5 108.5 108.5 104.5
Wayside 2 X N (N: Number of RF channels)
  • SDH: 155.52 Mb/s Electrical, 155.52Mb/s Optical (Optional)
  • PDH: 139.264 Mb/s (Optional, Rack-mount type)
Service Channel
  • SOH: 64 kb/s x N (N: Number of RF channels)
  • RFCOH: 64 Kb/s x 2 (Optional)
SDH Management Network Facilities
  • Local management interface: V24
  • Network management interface: X.25 / LAN
Primary Input Voltage
  • -19V to -36V (for -24V input, Rack-mount type) or -36V to -72V (for -48V input)
Power Consumption
  • 370 Watts (1+1,STM-1 Electrical interface)
Mechanical Dimensions (mm)
  • 600(W)x300(D)x2200(H) (Rack-mount type)
  • 300(W)x350(D)x500(H) (Compact IDU type)
Environmental Conditions
  • Temperature(degrees Celsius): 0 to +45, Humidity(%): 10 to 95

Note : This is a typical figure, excluding losses in the Branching Network Unit.