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ReRAM Outline

FRAM Outline

Question What is ReRAM?

Answer ReRAM: Resistive random access memory.
A form of non-volatile memory in which a pulse voltage is applied to a metal oxide thin film, creating massive changes in resistance to record ones and zeros.
With a simple structure of metal oxide placed between electrodes, the manufacturing process is very simple, while still offering such excellent features as low power consumption and fast write.
Featuring memory with the industry's lowest read current, optimal for wearable devices and hearing aids.

Question What kinds of applications is ReRAM options?

Answer It is optimal for battery operated wearable devices and medical devices such as hearing aids, which require high density, low power consumption electronic components.
Since MB85AS4MT features an extremely small average current in read operations of 0.2mA , it is optimal for applications that frequently read-out the programs stored in memory.

Question I'm not familiar to ReRAM. Does ReRAM have any different control or operation compared to conventional memories?

Answer The package is a 209mil 8 pin small outline package (SOP), pin-compatible with other non-volatile memory products such as EEPROM.
And Interface is SPI. It conforms to SPI communication standard.

Question I'd like to evaluate ReRAM samples. How or where can I get evaluation samples?

Answer You can use 2 options on our website.
Please contact Fujitsu Electronics' sales offices in worldwide through "Global Contacts", or request us evaluation samples through the "Inquiry Form".

Question Where is the locations of wafer fab? Foundry?

Answer Wafer fab of ReRAM products is that of Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd in Japan.
Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co. has experience the production of ReRAM embedded microcomputer in 2013.

Question I'd like to know more details on ReRAM. Can I have a meeting with Fujitsu Semiconductor?

Answer Yes, we're pleased. Please contact Fujitsu Electronics' sales offices in worldwide, or please give us your requirements through the "Inquiry Form" on our website.

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