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FRAM-embedded RFID LSI


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Fujitsu Semiconductor develops and produces LSI for RFID, which covers both HF(High-Frequency:13.56MHz) and UHF(Ultra High-Frequency:860 to 960MHz). Embedded FRAM is the one of its best features; FRAM enables higher speed writing, lower power consumption and higher endurance. Our passive RFID with large memory size is massively used worldwide.

Key Features of Fujitsu's LSI for RFID tag

  • High-speed write performance: throughput of writing operation is enhanced by high speed performance of embedded FRAM
  • Stable communication distance: writing in low power consumption enables the same communication distance both at writing and reading operation.
    In contrast, tag with EEPROM consumes large amount of power at writing operation,makes communication distance becomes shorter.
  • High-density memory: high speed writing feature enables large-size memory on the tag.But tag embedded EEPROM is not fast enough to adopt large-size memory.
  • High endurance: Max. 1 trillion cycles of read/write operation is guaranteed. the feature enables long-term use or reuse of tag to be possible.
  • High radiation resistance: even after having been irradiated or sterilized with gamma ray, data is kept.Meanwhile, tag embedded EEPROM has weak radiation resistance in principle.
  • Applicable International Standards: Fujitsu RFID LSI products lineup are based on ISO15693, ISO18000-3, 6.

Application of FRAM RFID Tag could provide

Application of FRAM RFID Tag could provide

Image of RF tag's High-speed Performance with FRAM

  • Record history and quality check information on tag itself
  • Change parameters of equipment on tag without opening the package
  • Reduce system cost with improving throughput
  • Be able to construct system while offline

Effects by fast performance

High-speed Communication Features of FRAM RFID

High-speed Communication Features of FRAM RFID

* EEPROM: Electronically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory

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