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Video introducing FRAM Feature/Family

Demo for power suspension to FRAM (English, approx. 2min12sec)

Demo for power suspension to FRAM (English, approx. 2.2min.)

This video shows a demo for power suspension to memory, to confirm whether write operation terminates normally using EEPROM and FRAM.
When FRAM is used, write operation successfully terminated even at power outage.

Demo for Batteryless Wireless Solution [Electronic Paper]
(English, 1min0sec)

Demo for BatterylessWireless Solution [Electronic Paper] (English, 1.0 min.)

This demo shows changing images on electronic paper using mobile terminal.The electronic paper with FRAM-embedded RFID LSI doesn't mount any battery but operates using wireless power supply.
(Electronic paper and Reader/Writer are supported by DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.)

Demo for Batteryless Wireless Solution [Controller]
(English, 1min6sec)

Demo for BatterylessWireless Solution [Controller] (English, 1.1 min.)

This demo shows changing images on display using card-shaped controller. The controller which has FRAM-embedded RFID LSI and antenna doesn't mount any battery but operates using wireless power supply.

Spectrum Detection System using FRAM (English, approx. 1min45sec)

Spectrum Detection System using FRAM (English, approx. 1.8 min.)

This demo shows a demo for authentic operation using big "electronic door-key" as a spectrum detection system. The electronic key is mounting FRAM-embedded custom LSI.

FRAM Realizes Batteryless Solution with Wireless (approx. 1.3 min.)

This video shows some applications using FRAM embedded RFID LSI which has wireless interface. It introduces examples of applications such as batteryless controller, batteryless security key, and FRAM RFID tags.

FRAM Realizes Batteryless Solutions (approx. 1.3 min.)

This video shows one of batteryless solution using FRAM. It is the "batteryless smart shoes" that the step counts to be written into FRAM device inside of shoes by only energy harvesting power of piezoelectric insole, without battery.

What is Batteryless SmartShoes demo (175 KB)

FUJITSU × New Memory × Solutions, 2016 (English, approx.4 min.)

In 2016, Fujitsu Semiconductor has made two press releases on new generation memories, NRAM and ReRAM. In addition, new FRAM product operating at 125℃ has been developed.
This video is introducing our new memory products and one of our memory solution as the Batteryless Solution using FRAM.

3 Reasons Customers Choose FRAM (English, approx. 3.5 min)

Introducing our company, Fujitsu Semiconductor, and our reliable non-volatile memory, Ferroelectric RAM(FRAM), which combines the advantages of both non-volatile and fast write speed.
Fujitsu has been developing and manufacturing memory products for more than 45 years, and our FRAM products have been mass producing since 1999.

Batteryless Solutions with FRAM (English, approx. 4 min.)

One of great features for FRAM is to record some data in its memory cell using very small electric power generated by energy harvesting.
Introducing FRAM's strong features that data of the number of dial rotated can be written in the FRAM by small power generated by turning of the dial.

FRAM Write Speed Demo (English, approx. 2 min.)

Introducing advantage of FRAM fast write speed comparing to other memories of EEPROM/SRAM with a demo-board.

FRAM V-Series Family (English, approx. 4 min.)

Introducing FRAM product family with 5V operation.

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