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FC-BGA Substrates GigaModule-2

High-density wiring structure for high-density bump interconnect

  • Provide high-density substrate with over 30,000  l/O.
  • For High pin-count Large Die with narrow pitch I/O or I/O area bump pitch with less than 150 micron.
  • Design/materials  corresponding to high-speed transmission over 25Gb/s are applicable.
  • Realize improvement of  machine characteristics by applying a variety of materials.
  • Offer simulation and design technology best suited for high-speed transmission.

Measured value of transmission characteristics for low Df materialMeasured value of transmission characteristics for low Df material


Structure Build-up + Core
Stacked via
Material Property
TG (TMA) Conventional Type : 156℃
High Tg Type : 176℃
CTE (α1) Conventional Type : ≦ 50ppm
Low Thermal Type : ≦ 20ppm
Young's modulus
Conventional Type : ≦ 4GPa
High Rigidity Type : ≧ 5GPa
Loss tangent
Conventional Type : ≦ 0.02
Low Loss Type : ≦0.005

Design Rule

Total Thickness 600~1400
Max Layer Construction (Core Layer) 10 Layers
Max Build-up Stack 8 Stacks
Core Layer
Core Thickness 400~800
Max Copper Thickness 70
min Drill Diameter φ150 ( φ100 )
min Line/Space 40 / 40
VIA on Pad Usable



Dielectric Thickness 30
min Laser Via φ60 ( φ40 )
min Line/Space 20 / 20 ( 15 / 15 )
Stacked VIA Usable

( ) : on development


  • Server/MPU for HPC
  • ASIC/Logic/Graphics
  • FPGA


High Density IVHHigh Density IVH
Thick Copper PatternThick Copper Pattern