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FUJITSU Software Inspirium

Inspirium is a brand of middleware products for equipment such as smart phones, tablet terminals, televisions and car navigation systems.

Inspirium provides various embedded middleware products which operate by a lot of architecture independent of CPU and MPU.

The introduction examination, the design, and the development of the embedded middleware become feasible in accordance with customer's development schedule by using Inspirium.

By adopting these products and services, customers can receive the following advantages.

  • Shortening period and lowering cost of development
  • Achievement of high quality and high reliability
  • Easy achievement of advanced technology and standard specification
  • Easy achievement of function addition and specification change

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Configuration of Inspirium

Inspirium is composed of the products and services.

Inspirium provides high-performance and high-quality middleware products such as Human Machine Intrface porducts.

These middleware products are general-purpose middleware products which operate independent of OS(Operating System) and hardware.

We flexibly deal with customer's requirements by serving customization, support, consulting and verification.

Experienced engineers support the customer's development.

Inquiry of Inspirium products

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