ETERNUS LT270 S2 is an open systems tape library that employs highly reliable, large-capacity LTO Ultrium tape drives. With the capability to back up data from multiple servers into a single tape library, this model achieves efficient utilization of storage assets while reducing operating costs and TCO.

ETERNUS LT270 S2 provides high reliability with the duplicate cartridge carrier robots and other mechanisms. If one robot has a malfunction, the other one takes over tasks to continue system operation. A faulty robot can be hot-swapped during operation. Moreover, power supply and fans are in a redundant configuration, enabling uninterrupted operation even during hot swapping in the unlikely event of a malfunction.

Having been improved many times and repeatedly in its long history, tape media technology provides much higher reliability than other comparable technologies. The LTO Ultrium tape drive built into ETERNUS LT270 S2 uses a newly designed tape threading mechanism to further stabilize tape winding, and its variable-speed tape operation eliminates movement for tape repositioning, thereby preventing early tape deterioration and ensuring increased tape reliability.

More Details

High Speed, Large Capacity and High Reliability
  • Up to 5,644 tape cartridges with 67,728TB (LTO-8) storage capacity
  • Cartridge memory (LTO-CM)
  • Dual-robot technology

Excellent Connectivity
  • Available with major Fibre Channel interface
  • Connects to a wide variety of UNIX and industry standard servers
  • Tape library sharing among OS - Logical Library function

Easy Operation Management
  • Cartridge Access Station with up to 20 tape cartridges
  • Operator friendly large LCD touch panel
  • Web based remote management

Enhanced Security
  • WORM technology using LTO 6, LTO 7 and LTO 8
  • Hardware encryption function using LTO 6, LTO 7 and LTO

Tech Specs

Base cabinetMax Configration (8 cabinets)
TypeTape system with LTO technology
Drive TypesLTO Ultrium 6 FH
LTO Ultrium 7 FH
LTO Ultrium 8 FH
Max.Total capacity (native)LTO Ultrium 51,069.5TB8,466TB
LTO Ultrium 61,782.5TB14,110TB
LTO Ultrium 74,278TB33,864TB
LTO Ultrium 7 Type M6,417TB50,796TB
LTO Ultrium 88,556TB67,728TB
Number of cartridges138 - 7135,644
Number of tape drives2-20128
Tape system interfaceFibre Channel
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