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Fujitsu is Committed to SPARC64 Development Now and in the Future

June 23, 2016
Fujitsu Limited

The Fujitsu decision to adopt an ARMv8 ISA (instruction set architecture) for the Post-K supercomputer will not end the Fujitsu development of SPARC64 processors for the Fujitsu SPARC Server product line. In fact, Fujitsu remains committed to future generations of SPARC64 processors and servers, as shown in our public roadmap. Fujitsu will launch a next generation of the Fujitsu M10 SPARC Server with 2.5x the core throughput of the current SPARC64 X+ based Fujitsu M10 SPARC servers.

Fujitsu M10 SPARC Servers power today’s datacenters around the world and across all industries. Fujitsu strives to provide our customers with a wide range of innovative technologies for mission critical enterprise computing. We are committed to protecting our customers’ investments in SPARC, and plan to continue development of this technology.