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The NVIDIA GRID™ K2 is a dual-slot PCI Express Gen3 graphics card with two high-end NVIDIA® Kepler™ graphics processing units (GPUs). The NVIDIA GRID K2 is designed to accelerate graphics in virtual remote workstation and virtual desktop environments.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • NVIDIA GRID K2 card
  • Rich multimedia experiences as well as access to all application, including demanding 3D applications
  • 2 high end graphic processors and 8 GB GDDR5 memory
  • Improve the productivity of all users and the access from anywhere on any device
  • GRID K2 enables GPU-capable virtualization
  • Virtualization Solutions with Citrix® XenDesktop™ / VMware ESXi and Windows RemoteFX
  • GRID K2 = 3072 Cores
  • Add your most graphics-intensive users to your virtual solutions

Technical details

Card categoryRemote Graphics
Max. number per system unit2x in PRIMERGY RX350 S8
2x in PRIMERGY TX300 S8
1x in PRIMERGY CX270 S2
2x in PRIMERGY RX2540 M1
2x in PRIMERGY CX2570 M1
Power consumption225 W