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Press Release -July 29th, 2013-

ScanSnap iX500 with New Added Function - connect to the computer via Wi-Fi

- Free update for the added function to answer users’ demand -

PFU LIMITED (President & CEO: Kiyoshi Hasegawa; Tokyo Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Saiwai Ward, Japan) has announced that the update for the new function is available from today to the high end model of the best-selling line of personal document scanners, the ScanSnap series.


(Compatible with both Windows® / Mac OS)

More and more customers around the world choose ScanSnap series personal scanners because they deliver speedy, ”One Touch” document digitization to PDF files.
The latest model, iX500, was released in January 2013. It is equipped with Wi-Fi function, can scan/save directly to Smartphone/Tablet and has high scanning speed and paper feeding performance cultivated from the professional-use document scanner.
Out of the numerous voices from the users since its release six months ago, Wi-Fi connectivity with computer which has particularly strong demand is now available. To this end, iX500 is even more user friendly with the new added function, and will continue to evolve your lifestyle.

Update details

Besides Smartphone/Tablet, the update allows connecting the scanner to computer (Windows® / Mac OS) via Wi-Fi connection [*1]. When connecting via Wi-Fi, all functions, features and usability will be the same as connected via USB. This means high-speed scanning of 25 sheets/minute (color 300dpi) [*2], all automated functions and linkage with various applications and cloud services can be used in the same way. Without the USB cable connecting to the computer, the scanner can now be placed anywhere.

Update method

Automatic update will be notified from “ScanSnap online update” installed in the computer after July 29th[*3]. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the update process. In addition, update can also be downloaded from the update of ScanSnap Manager (for Windows® / Mac OS) on the following Fujitsu global site product information page described below for latest support information.


  • ScanSnap is a registered trademark of PFU Limited in Japan.
  • Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
  • Wi-Fi is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Other company names and product names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.


  1. A Wi-Fi access point/router are required to establish a Wi-Fi connection. Only one computer can be registered with Wi-Fi connection at a time. The scanner and computer need to be connected via USB cable when setting up and when switching the connecting computer for Wi-Fi connection
  2. The scan speed described here is the maximum speed of the hardware, while the actual scan time also includes the processing time of the software such as the time required to transfer data.
  3. Internet connection is required, and the cost involved for download shall be borne by the user.

Customer Contact

- Fujitsu global site product information -

- Fujitsu global site shops -