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Press Release -January 7th, 2013-

Next-Generation ScanSnap "iX500" Debuts

-Equipped with a Wi-Fi Function, it Can Link Directly with Smartphones/Tablets-

PFU LIMITED (President & CEO: Kiyoshi Hasegawa; Tokyo Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Saiwai Ward, Japan), the world's leading scanner maker, has announced the release of the iX500, a next-generation model from the best-selling line of personal document scanners, the ScanSnap series[*1], which deliver simple and speedy paper-to-PDF digitization in a compact design.


(Compatible with both Windows® / Mac Operating Systems)

More and more customers around the world choose ScanSnap series personal scanners because they deliver speedy, "One Touch" document digitization to PDF files.
The successor to the best-selling model "S1500/S1500M", "iX500" is a next-generation scanner that significantly expands the cloud market by linking with cloud services and smartphones/tablets. The external appearance has been renewed as a sophisticated and smart design themed in piano black. The iX500 is equipped with a newly developed image-processing engine "GI" processor[*2] that supports the latest interfaces (Wi-Fi, USB3.0). In addition to being able to scan directly from a smartphone/tablet, the scan speed and paper feeding performance are significantly upgraded. In addition, the software has been enhanced, so that the iX500 is even more convenient to use than its predecessor.
Not only have the functions and performance been improved, but also the next-generation scanner iX500 enables you to efficiently digitize documents in addition to being "simple", "compact", and "speedy", and will continue to evolve your lifestyle.

Features of iX500

1. The scan environment has been upgraded centered around a newly developed image processing engine "GI" processor

The hardware has been revolutionized, equipping the iX500 with an image processing engine "GI" processor and brake rollers suitable for scanning large volumes of documents at high speed. Thus, you can digitize documents both carefree and efficiently.

  1. Can forward scan data from iX500 to a smartphone/tablet via a Wi-Fi connection
    You can now forward image data from iX500 stand-alone directly to a smartphone/tablet via a Wi-Fi connection[*3]. The data of the scanned document is saved in PDF format (JPEG format also is available) directly on the smartphone or tablet, so you can capture short documents and memos as image data "simply" as extremely easy-to-see image data with the sense of using a digital camera.
  2. Achieves high-speed scanning of 25 sheets / minute (25% increase from previous model at color 300dpi)
    In addition to computers, the iX500 achieves high-speed, stable scanning when connected to a smartphone or tablet[*4]. It automatically detects the size of the document, its color, and whether it is single-sided or double-sided, so that you can digitize documents surprisingly "easily" and "speedily".
  3. Realizes durable paper feeding performance when scanning large volumes of documents and at high speed
    Inheriting the paper feeding technology we have cultivated in our professional-use image scanners that boast the world's number one market share[*5], a professional-use document separation method using brake rollers has been adopted for the first time in a ScanSnap series model. This results in paper feeding performance and reliability that maximize iX500's performance[*6]. Furthermore, ultrasonic sensors to detect multifeeding are mounted, enabling you to scan large volumes of documents with confidence.

2. Usability of software has been significantly improved

  1. Operability of Quick Menu has been upgraded
    By providing a "Favorites" mode in the popular Quick Menu, you can now easily select how to utilize the image data that you scan. You can easily display the linked applications and cloud services just as you like. Furthermore, when scanning business card, a "Recommendation" feature has been added to automatically display related applications from the Quick Menu. Since the Quick Menu is displayed according to the type of document you scan and the functions that you use daily, you never are at a loss as to which function to use.
  2. The creation of searchable PDFs has been significantly accelerated
    The creation of highly-rated searchable PDFs[*7] has been greatly accelerated by parallel scanning and OCR processing (reduces scanning time up to 45% compared to previous model[*8]). Since you can create them at practically the same speed as normal PDF files, you can use searchable PDF files as they are immediately with cloud services and applications.
  3. Business card management has been improved and integrated with "CardMinder" software
    The global version of the business card management software "CardMinder" (WindowsR version and Mac OS version) supporting business cards in 11 languages including English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) is bundled as standard.

3. "Deluxe" model bundled with Rack2-Filer Smart V1.0 with Magic Desktop V1.0 to be launched simultaneously

A set model bundled with the filing software "Rack2-Filer Smart V1.0 with Magic Desktop V1.0" is being launched simultaneously as "ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe". The current models "S1300i" and "S1100" also are being launched as the similar set models "ScanSnap S1300i Deluxe" and "ScanSnap S1100 Deluxe", respectively.

Latest version of "ScanSnap Connect Application" to be launched

"ScanSnap Connect Application" will be available as a free download [*9] from Google Play and App Store. Products equipped with iOS 4.3 or later or Android? OS 2.2 or later are supported. PFU does not guarantee that ScanSnap Connect Application will work on all devices running Android OS 2.2 or later. Please check the following Fujitsu global site product information page described below for latest support information.

List price and release date of iX500

List price and release schedule vary from sales region to sales region.


  • ScanSnap, CardMinder, Rack2-Filer Smart and Magic Desktop are registered trademarks or trademarks of PFU Limited in Japan.
  • Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Wi-Fi is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Google, Android, and Google Play are registered trademarks or trademarks of Google Inc.
  • Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
  • Other company names and product names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.


  1. ScanSnap scanners can be purchased in various national computer and electronics retailers.
  2. A "GI" processor is a processor developed independently by our company that is equipped with a dual-core CPU using SoC (system-on-chip) to both perform image processing at the scanner itself and support the latest interfaces (Wi-Fi, USB3.0).
  3. A Wi-Fi access point / router are required to establish a Wi-Fi connection. Also, the latest version of "ScanSnap Connect Application" must be installed on a smart phone / tablet.
  4. The scan speed described here is the maximum speed of the hardware, while the actual scan time also includes the processing time of the software such as the time required to transfer data.
  5. According to our company’s estimates
  6. The recommended replacement cycle for dedicated consumables (roller set) is one year or 200,000 sheets. (up to 2 times that of previous model)
  7. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing is performed when scanning, and a PDF is created adding text information.
  8. This is the value measured by our company when scanning various documents prescribed by our company under identical conditions (processing 20 pages (10 sheets in duplex) of 6 types of documents at 200dpi in iX500's recommended PC environment). The amount of processing time reduced varies depending on your operating environment and content of the documents.
  9. The customer is responsible for any data transmission costs that come from downloading the free app.

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