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Press Release -April 21, 2008-

PFU launches its Class Leading Cost Performance Boasting A4 Duplex Color fi-6130 and fi-6230 Scanners
-The launch of these scanners further reinforces the various end-user needs meeting fi-Series lineup-

PFU Limited (President Fujio Wajima, Tokyo Headquarters, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) has announced that it began sales and shipments of its class leading cost performance(*1) boasting fi-Series (*2)A4 duplex color fi-6130 and fi-6230 scanners on April 21, 2008.

fi-6130 (ADF*2 model), fi-6230 (flatbed / ADF model)

PFU Limited is proud to announce the launch of its new A4 duplex color fi-6130 and fi-6230 scanners. These scanners will succeed the best seller fi-5120C and fi-5220C scanners in the expanding decentralized scanning market.
Both the fi-6130 and the fi-6230 are entry level scanners that are loaded with some of the same high end fi-Series "intelligent" functions that come loaded into their fi-6140 and fi-6240 brothers. On top of this, their ability to scan A4 documents at an impressive 40ppm or 80ipm*5make the fi-6130 and the fi-6230 top cost performers in thier class.
The teaming up of the new fi-6130 and fi-6230 with the fi-6140 and fi-6240 makes the fi-Series decentralized scanner line-up a virtually invincible team that can meet just about any end-user's digitizing needs.
Main Features

  1. The best performers in their class
    The fi-6130 and fi-6230 ability to scan A4 documents at an impressive 40ppm or 80ipm*5make them the top cost performers in their class. Their ability to continuously scan 50 page mixed batch documents containing paper of different weight, quality and sizes enables both of these scanners to efficiently digitize large volumes of paper documents. On top of this,the fi-6130 and the fi-6230 are able to scan up to 3(up to 1.4mm thick)plastic cards at a time.
  2. Seamless Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server(MOSS)linkability
    Both scanners come with fi-Series standard "ScandAll PRO" image capturing software that seamlessly links them with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server(MOSS)for easy digitized document sharing and viewing administration. The result is even easier document management.
  3. Loaded with scanning efficiency enhancing "intelligent" functions
    The fi-6130 and fi-6230 come loaded with two of the favorably received fi-6140 and fi-6240 high end fi-Series functions that enable them to efficiently scan mixed batch documents containing paper of different weights,quality and size.
    a) Intelligent multifeed function
    The intelligent multifeed function simplifies pre-scanning preparation and improves efficiency by ignoring documents that tend to trigger false multifeed alerts, such as photograph and sticky note attached documents.
    b) "Auto-color recognition", "auto-size recognition" and "auto-deskew functionality"
    This functionality enables the fi-6130 and the fi-6230 to automatically recognize the size of scanned documents, correct skewed images and automatically differentiate color images from black and white ones.
  4. Imprinter supportability(fi-6130/fi-6140 option)
    Use of the fi-6130/fi-6140 optional imprinter(fi-614PR)enables users to print dates and other information on the back of the original document,thus easing the serch for the original documents at a later date.

Visit the fi-Series homepage for more information
URL: Portal Site)


  • Microsoft and SharePoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and / or other countries.
  • Other products and company names appearing in this press release are the registered trademarks of the respective companies.

(*1) This class includes A4 ADF(automatic document feeder)and A4 ADF / flatbed tandem color image scanners capable of 10ppm to 25ppm scanning.Scanners in this class are priced between US$300 and US$2000.(This stood true as of March 31, 2008)
(*2) FUJITSU "fi-Series "document scanners are marketed globally as a single brand by PFU Limited, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group Companies.
(*3) ADF is the acronym for "automatic document feeder".
(*4) Decentralized scanning is the process of separately digitizing documents at multiple physically separete company or organization branches, offices and divisions. The opposite of decentralized scanning is centralized scanning is centralized scanning, which involves the digitizing of all documents at a centralized location.
(*5) This stands true when scanning A4 monochrome and grayscale documents at 200dpi.
(*6) Multifeeds occur when a scanner simultaneously feeds two or more documents.

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