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Press Release -August 6, 2007-

PFU Launches the Network Scanner "fi-6000NS".

The World Leading Imaging Technology(*1) Loaded "fi-6000NS" Network Scanner Goes on Sale

On August 6, 2007, PFU Limited (President Fujio Wajima, Tokyo Headquarters, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture) announced the Japanese launch of the fi-6000NS, the newest member of its fi-Series (*2) line-up. (Orders for the fi-6000NS will begin being accepted in Japan on August 31, 2007)

fi-6000NS(A4 duplex ADF model)Recent broadband infrastructure growth, matched by improvements in personal computer performance, has brought about impressive developments in IT environments. At the same time, the world has seen a diversification in user needs and increased use of network usage. The result of all of these changes has been the emergence of a need for network supporting scanners.
It was this perceived need for network supporting scanners that led to PFU Limited, the maker of leading global share holding Fujitsu brand business scanners, to add the fi-6000NS network scanner to its renowned "fi-Series" line-up. In addition to inheriting superior document feeding and image processing technologies from its fi-Series siblings, the fi-6000NS boasts a large liquid-crystal display (LCD) monitor and built in keyboard that enables users to easily verify scanned images and type in entries. Moreover, the fi-6000NS' "office linkage" functions improve office efficiency.

fi-6000NS Main Features

  1. Loaded with Global No.1 Share Holding "fi-Series" Technology
    Inheriting the global No.1 share holding "fi-Series" proven document feeding abilities enables the fi-6000NS to scan an impressive 25 A4 (200dpi) color or black and white pages (50 images) a minute.
    The fi-6000NS also comes with "fi-Series evolved" high speed image processing. By automatically deskewing all images and showing them in their proper orientation, this powerful network scanner presents all digitized images as they are meant to be seen. In addition, the fi-6000NS supports a blank page detection feature, a multifeed detection function and many other features that greatly reduce labor and the need to rescan documents due to scanning errors.
  2. Superior User Interface
    The fi-6000NS is the world's first network scanner to come loaded with a large liquid-crystal touch display (8.4 inch XGA) and built-in keyboard (106 type). By enabling the verification of created image data and typing in of entries, the fi-6000NS' excellent user interface puts the operator in complete control.
  3. Useful Office Linkage Functions
    The fi-6000NS is bundled with efficiency boosting office functions that enable operators to use it in place of a photocopier with network linked printers (*3), send scanned data as faxes (*4), attach scanned images to e-mail messages or scan data to company network located shared folders.


  • All product names and company names appearing in this press release are the registered trademarks of the respective companies.

(*1) PFU Limited calculations based upon InfoTrends (North America and Japan / fiscal 2006) and InfoSource (Europe / fiscal 2006) sources show that Fujitsu brand scanners hold the largest share of the global business imaging market.
(*2) FUJITSU "fi-Series" document scanners are marketed globally as a single brand by PFU Limited, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group Companies.
(*3) The fi-6000NS can be used with Windows® XP and Microsoft® Office supporting printers.
(*4) Supports FAX servers running on Captaris RightFax.

Press Contact.
Management and Planning Department, PFU
TEL: 044-540-4540

Customer Contact.
Sales Dep. 1, Imaging Business Sales Div., Products Group, PFU
TEL: 044-540-4538