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Press Release -July 30, 2007-

PFU Launches Its Class Leading Cost Performance A3 Color Duplex fi-5530C2

On July 30, 2007, PFU Limited (President Fujio Wajima, Tokyo Headquarters, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture) launched the fi-5530C2, the newest member of its fi-Series (*2) line-up in Japan. (Orders for the fi-5530C2 began being accepted on August 20, 2007)

fi-5530C2Many Fujitsu brand "fi-Series" scanners are being used at companies and branch offices around the world to digitize various types of documents at decentralized locations.
The fi-5530C2, the latest addition to the “fi-Series” line-up, has proudly inherited its speedy document feedability, excellent core performance and other high performance features from its successor, the fi-5530C (launched in October, 2005). At the same time, the fact that it digitizes documents at faster scanning speeds, while being offered at an affordable price, makes the fi-5530C2 the top performing scanner in its class. The fi-5530C2, along with its fi-5120C and fi-5220C A4 duplex compact color fi-Series siblings, is being offered by PFU Limited as an ideal scanner for digitizing forms at decentralized user environments and volumes.

fi-5530C2 Main Features:

  1. The Top Cost Performer in its Class
    The fi-5530C2's ability to scan 50 double sided A4 color documents (200dpi / landscape) / 100 images a minute makes it the top cost performer in its class. Furthermore, its ability to continuously scan up to 100 pages at a time enables operators to efficiently digitize large volumes of paper documents.
  2. Bundled with ScandAll PRO-the Newest fi-Series Image Capture Software
    The fi-5530C2 comes bundled with ScandAll PRO, the newest fi-Series image capture software, to improve efficiency and to support scanning tasks. Furthermore, its easy to use graphical user interface along with its ability to quickly display images and generate various types of files, such as searchable PDF files and compressed PDF files, makes the new fi-5530C2 even more valuable in the workplace.
    New Improved Features:
    - Quick image display and easy to use graphical user interface (Speedy image display, multi-image display and thumbnail viewer.)
    - Generates various types of PDF files (Searchable PDF files, compressed PDF files, password protected files etc.)
    - Generates various types of files (multi-image output, compressed TIFF files etc.)
  3. Imprinter Option:
    The fi-5530C2's optional imprinter (fi-553PR) is capable of printing dates and other information on the back of scanned documents in order to ease the search for those documents at a later date.


  • All product names and company names appearing in this press release are the registered trademarks of the respective companies.

(*1) This statement is based upon PFU Limited calculations and stood true as of July 30, 2007.
(*2) FUJITSU “fi-Series” document scanners are marketed globally as a single brand by PFU Limited, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group Companies.

Customer Contact:
Sales Dep. 1, Imaging Business Sales Div.
Products Group, PFU

Press Contact:
Management and Planning Dep., PFU