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Introduction of FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-Series.

PFU Launches the Latest ScanSnap

-- Armed with industry leading colored background character recognition search technology(*) to facilitate easy and speedy scanning --
(*)Japanese model only

On February 2, 2006, PFU (President: Yuji Hirose, Tokyo Head Office: Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture) announced the launching of ScanSnap S500, the latest addition to its family of easy to use compact color duplex ADF scanners. The S500 comes armed with industry leading colored background character recognition technology(*1). Japanese sales of the ScanSnap(*2) S500 began on February 10, 2006. (Orders for the S500 began being accepted in Japan as of February 2, 2006)

ScanSnap S500 (ADF, Duplex Color Image Scanner)ScanSnap "one touch" easy-to-use compact color duplex ADF scanners are being used by thousands of people around the world to digitize paper-based information.
The S500, the most recent addition to the ScanSnap family, comes armed with superior colored background character recognition search technology and improved OCR accuracy to offer the highest in e-document searchability.
In addition, the S500 automatically generates searchable PDF files when the linked computer is not busy performing other functions. Thus, it increases efficiency by using the computer when the user is not.
As a result, the S500 generates superior searchable PDF files in a speedy, hassle-free manner, enabling users to make the best use of scanned data.

ScanSnap S500 Main Features

  1. Fully searchable PDF files (NEW)
    The S500's search technology boasts colored background character recognition technology that ranks amongst the top in the world and offers improved OCR accuracy over previous models. Furthermore, new "ScanSnap Organizer" software automatically processes image data with its OCR function, when the user’s computer is not performing other operations.
    As a result, S500 users can conduct complete PDF file key word searches to quickly locate the file that they are searching for.
  2. New Design
    The S500 comes with a new angular design that includes a built-in stacker. Thus, offering improved practicality along with a striking new "midnight black" body.
  3. Fast!
    The S500 scans at up to 18 double sided color pages (36 images) a minute (Normal mode, 150dpi), which makes it 20% faster than the previous model.

Other features

  • As expected from the industry-leading office-use scanner, the S500 includes a mixed size batch scanning function that automatically recognizes the size of each scanned page. (NEW)
    The S500 also includes a wide array of useful business related software.



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(*1) ScanSnap S500's (Japanese model) character recognition technology extracts text from drawings and charts. Fujitsu's unique text and image pattern recognition technologies mutually compliment each other and enable the S500 to extract embedded text from various colored layouts as well as from low quality images that have undergone JPEG compression. The claim that the S500 includes industry leading colored background character recognition is based upon PFU Limited research and stood true as of February 2, 2006.
(*2) ScanSnap scanners can be purchased in Japan through PFU Limited, Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Group Companies as well as at various national computer and electronics retailers.

Contact for the press:
Management and Planning Department, PFU
TEL: 044-540-4540

Contact for customers:
Sales Dep. 1, Imaging Business Sales Div., Products Group, PFU
TEL: 044-540-4538