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Introduction of End of Life product "M3097DE/DG".

This product has been discontinued.

The M3097DE (RS232C + Video interface) and the M3097DG (SCSI2 interface) with high speed duplex scanning have excellent features Achieved by Fujitsu expertise, and that ensure these products will be widely used in your busineww scene.
  • Simplex : 33ppm (200dpi) / Duplex 66ipm (200dpi)
  • The M3099G has an SCSI-2 interface, the preferred interface in modern computing systems.
  • Error diffusion processing is standard.
  • Endorser Unit (Optional) : Post printing up to 20 characters.
  • Red Lamp (Optional) : For red drop out scanning.
  • Image processing Circuit 2 (IPC2, Optional) :
    Fujitsu's original board, which is highly efficient and offers 15 diverse functions.

Technical Specifications

Operating method ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) and FB (Flatbed)
Image sensor CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) Image sensor
Light source Xe discharge tube (Green)
Document size Minimum : A6 or 4.1 x 5.8 in.
Maximum : A3 or Double letter (11 x 17 in.)
Paper weight for ADF 52 to 127g/㎡ (14 to 34 lb)
Output resolution 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400, 600 dpi (selectable)
Scanning speed
ADF Simplex Scanning 36 ppm for A4 portrait format at 200dpi
26 ppm for A3 portrait format at 200dpi
ADF Duplex Scanning 40 ppm for A4 landscape format at 200dpi
(=80 image per minute)
66 ipm for A4 portrait format at 200dpi
Flatbed Scanning 2.0 sec. for A4 portrait format at 200dpi
2.9 sec. for A3 portrait format at 200dpi
Grayscale level (internal) 256 levels image data processing in the scanner
Halftone patterns Dither ; Error diffusion
Capacity of ADF Maximum 100 sheets
paper weight : 64g/㎡ (17 lbs), A4
Interface M3097DE : RS232C+Video
M3097DG : SCSI-2
Video output M3097DE : Binary, 8-bit gray level (through option slot)
M3097DG : Binary, 8-bit gray level
Power requirements 100-120 VAC 50/60Hz, 200-240 VAC 50/60Hz, 120 VA or less
Operating environment Temperature : 5-35 (degrees Centigrade) (42F to 95F)
Relative humidity : 20%-80% (noncondensing)
(W x D x H)
696 x 497 x 234mm (27 x 19.6 x 9.2 in.)
Weight 20kg (44.2 lbs.)
Options 1. IPC-2 board
(1) IPC functions
  • Dither pattern download
  • Automatic binarization
  • Automatic separation between photographs and text
  • Zooming:25% to 100% by 1% steps
  • Outline extraction
  • Image emphasis
  • Mirror image
  • Reverse image
  • Clipping
(2) DTC functions
  • Spot noise removing
  • Dynamic threshold
  • Gamma curve correction
  • Filtering
  • Threshold curve selection
  • Smoothing
2. IPC 3D
  • The functions are the same as IPC 2D's. The DTC is enhanced.
Others M3097DE : 16MB memory pre-installed
M3097DG : 16MB memory & compression pre-installed

Supports Simplex up to 400dpi, Duplex up to 200dpi.
Scanning speed depends on customers' system environment.


M3097DE / M3097DG

No. Name Quantity
1 Operator's Guide 1
2 Cleaning and Maintenance 1
3 Pad Asy 1
4 AC Cable 1
5 Stacker 1
6 Guide to Carrier Stopper 1
7 Test Certification 1