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Introduction of FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-Series "fi-4750C".


The fi-4750C image scanner (SCSI-2 interface/Third Party Slot Interface) offers high-speed, duplex color scanning, and other excellent features achieved by Fujitsu expertise. And these products will be widely used in your business scene.

Product Information
  • A3 Duplex Color Scanner
  • Color Scanning Speed: 20pppm / 40ipm
  • Binary Scanning Speed: 50ppm / 90ipm
  • Drop Out Color features standard
  • Black / White Switchable Background (ADF front side)
  • High quality image by the imageprocessing function
  • Double Feeding Detection
  • SCSI-2 Interface
  • Inprinter Option
Win 95 Win 98 Win 2000 NT 4.0 Win Me Win XP A3Duplex ColorColor 40 ipmMonochrome 90 ipm
Technical Specifications Accessories, Option, Consumables, Cleaning Tool

Reliable Technical

Bundled with Adobe® Acrobat® 5.0
ENERGYSTAR® compliance

As an ENERGYSTAR® Partner, Fujitsu has determined that this product meets the ENERGYSTAR® guidelines for energy efficiency.
ENERGYSTAR is a U.S. registered mark.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Scanner Type ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) and FB (Flatbed)
Image Sensor Type CCD (Charge-Coupled Device)
Light Source R, G, B LED array
Optical Resolution 400dpi
Output Resolution Color 50 to 600 dpi (Addressable by 1 dpi)
Grayscale 50 to 600 dpi (Addressable by 1 dpi)
Binary 50 to 800 dpi (Addressable by 1 dpi)
AD Converter 1024 levels (10 bit)
Gray Scale Level Color 24 bit / pixel
Grayscale 8 bit / pixel
Binary 1 bit / pixel
Scanning speed A4 portrait
Color (150dpi) Simplex : 20 ppm
Duplex : 40 ipm
Binary (200dpi) Simplex : 50 ppm
Duplex : 90 ipm
A4 landscape
Color (150dpi) Simplex : 28 ppm
Duplex : 39 ipm
Binary (200dpi) Simplex : 64 ppm
Duplex : 114 ipm
A4 portrait
Binary (200dpi) 0.9sec
Document Size Minimum A8 (portrait, 127g/m2 (34 lb))
Maximum A3 or Width : 11inch, Length : 17inch (ADF, Flatbed)
Document Weight (Tickness) 52 to 127g/m2 (13.9 to 34 lb), In case of A8 size : 127 g/m2 only
Capacity Maximum 100 sheets (64g/m2, 17 lb), paper can be added
Interface SCSI-2 (Half-pitch 50pin)
Option Board Slot (Third Party Slot)
Connecter shape Shield type 50 pin (pin type)
Halftone patterns Dither / Error diffusion
Voltage or Voltage Range AC 100 to 240 VAC +10% /-10%
Power 160VA or less
Operation environment Temperature 5 to 35 Degrees Centigrade (41 to 95 Degrees Fahrenheight)
Relative humidity 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions Width 696mm
Depth 521mm
Height 234mm
Weight 22kg (48.4 lb)
Others Multi feed detection Yes
Long paper scanning Yes
Paper counter Yes

1. Use the following SCSI card to connect to PC.

Recommended SCSI card

maker SCSI card cable
Adaptec SCSI Card 2910C ACK-H2H-1M(1m)
SCSI Card 2915LP
SCSI Card 2930LP
SCSI Card 2940AU

Use of other SCSI card may cause unstable scan operations.
If you use ADAPTEC SCSI card,please install the correct drivers and the updates.
Refer to FQA "Before you buy" - "Q6 What type of SCSI board can I use?"


No. Name Quantity
1 Power Cable 1
2 Stacker 1
3 Pad Asy 1
4 Operator Guide (CD-ROM) 1
5 Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard (CD-ROM) 1
8 Quick Refarence Guide 1
9 Test Certification 1


No. Name Specifications Function
1 Video Interface Board CA02956-2391 1
2 IPC-4D CA02919-0521 1
3 fi-475PR CA02956-2395 1
4 fi-475CMP3 (JPEG Compression Board) CA02956-2398 1


No. Name Specifications Quantity
1 Pad Assy PA03951-0151 1
2 Pick Roller PA03951-0153 1
3 Print Cartridge CA00050-0262 1

Recommended replacement cycle
The replacement cycle is based on 64g/m2 A4 plain paper.
This may vary depending on the paper type or condition.

Cleaning Tool

No. Name Notes
1 Cleaner F1 Daily cleaning use for pads and pick rollers
2 Cleaner F2 Daily cleaning use for metal roller and parts
3 Cleaning paper Daily cleaning use for all rollers
Use this paper with "Cleaner F1"