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Saving time for administrative work with digital bills and balance sheets

« If it is saved as digital data, it is very easy to search and reference information. Whenever customers have requests, I can respond very quickly. »

Osamu Yamazaki, Yamazaki Accounting & Consulting Firm


The customer

Customer: Yamazaki Accounting & Consulting Firm
Country: Japan
Industry: Financial Services

The challenge

One of the burdens that Mr. Yamazaki faced was holding original copies of receipts that were regularly sent by customers for book keeping for a relatively long time. Bringing back these copies of invoices and receipts, and returning them afterwards, not only takes up time and cost but also risks loss or damage. Moreover, it costs customers time and money when customers made copies of the documents whose original were not required for auditing purposes.

The solution

With the iX500’s ability to scan receipts of different shapes and sizes, original copies can be returned to customers quickly. The mobile S1300 reduces the amount of paper he needs to carry back from customer offices. The scanners are especially helpful when customers bring volumes of contract documents.

The benefits

  • Enabled documents to be quickly searched and referenced whenever necessary
  • Eliminated the risk of misplacing important client papers or files
  • Reduced cost and time resources during a financial audit
  • Streamlined the data transfer process

Products and services

  • ScanSnap iX500
  • ScanSnap S1300