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Scanning papers for medical treatment, preserving nuance of hand writing by patients

« I would not have thought of digitizing medical records if the iX500 was not highly efficient. »

Ryusuke Honma, Vice Director and General Manger, Square Clinic


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The customer

Customer: Square Clinic
Country: Japan
Industry: Healthcare

The challenge

For adrenal fatigue medical treatment, patients must fill out 20 pages of medical questionnaires and several test papers. In addition to that, test result papers for stress hormones and food allergies, and interview papers between patients and doctors are all combined to make up a medical record. These papers result in making one thick file book per patient and 10 new boxes are generated every year. They face problems such as storage space and convenience finding papers they need.

The solution

They adopted the iX500 which can scan 25 pages per minute. It enables them to digitize medical records which contain critical information such as handwriting, handwriting pressure, and written marks.

The benefits

  • Detailed information such as handwriting and handwriting pressure can be digitized
  • Improved quality of treatment with quick access to digitized medical records

Products and services

  • ScanSnap iX500