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Maintaining a 24-hour system by sharing critical information with doctors and medical stuff

« We can provide a mobile, 24 hours on-call private healthcare practice thanks to our ScanSnap and cloud system. »

Junichiro Toya, Director, Sakurashinmachi Urban Clinic


The customer

Customer: Junichiro Toya, Sakurashinmachi Urban Clinic
Country: Japan
Industry: Healthcare

The challenge

A mobile clinic providing in-home healthcare needs to share patient information with relevant personnel in order to deal with requests from patients for 24 hours a day. This sharing of information is impossible with paper files even if the patients’ basic information and examination results must be shared. Stronger cooperation with health care managers is also required.

The solution

Adopting the mobile iX100 scanner allows healthcare providers to scan and send critical documents directly from a patient’s house. Scanned material is saved in a private cloud and the medical staff can access data from anywhere at any time. Business cards from health care managers are also scanned and saved in the cloud for business card management.

The benefits

  • Offering appropriate medical care through information sharing
  • Strengthened cooperation between medical staff and nursing staff

Products and services

  • ScanSnap iX100
  • ScanSnap iX500