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Digitize paper materials overflown in medial site

« Being able to access data in the cloud whenever and wherever has eliminated problems such as leaving documents behind and the effort of searching through them. »

Shingo Kaneko, Doctor, Saiseikai Saijo Hospital


The customer

Customer: Dr. Shingo Kaneko, Saiseikai Saijo Hospital
Country: Japan
Industry: Healthcare

The challenge

Dr. Shingo Kaneko of Saiseikai Saijo Hospital was having difficulty coping with the ever-increasing volume of his hand-written notes and other documents. While he had tried using other scanners in the past, he was often disappointed by their multifeed problems.

The solution

He started with a ScanSnap S1500 and now uses an iX500 and an SV600. These provide a reliable way to scan bulky documents that are difficult to move around and material for his own research, at the touch of a button, and to forward it to a smartphone, tablet, or PC via Wi-Fi. Thanks to integration with a cloud service, he now has this information on hand whenever he needs it. He uses the SV600 to scan solid objects and small test data sheets that cannot be fed through the iX500.

The benefits

  • Eliminate the need to carry heavy documents around when leaving the office
  • Reduce problems with forgetting to bring documents or having to search through them for the desired information

Products and services

  • ScanSnap iX500
  • ScanSnap SV600
  • ScanSnap S1500