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Complete traceability data collection with one scan of a circuit board

« What is particularly significant about the improvements that the SV600 has delivered in the efficiency and reliability of our work is that it has freed up effort that can now be devoted to other areas. »

Hiroyuki Nishikawa, Director, Parts Production, PFU Techno Wise Limited


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The customer

Customer: PFU Techno Wise Limited
Country: Japan
Industry: Manufacturing
Founded: 1979

The challenge

To maintain traceability, PFU Techno Wise records the serial numbers of components from other vendors that are used on its circuit boards. While past practice was to enter these by hand on a paper checksheet, this was difficult and time-consuming work because staff would have to write down them a few digits at a time, repeatedly switching between pen and magnifying glass.

The solution

Installing an SV600 contactless scanner made it possible to record multiple serial numbers at once, thanks to its ability to perform scans without touching the often uneven surface of circuit boards, and to its having the depth of field to bring all parts of the board into focus.

The benefits

  • More reliable data collection (elimination of human error)
  • Reduced time and effort (data collection completed at the push of a button)

Products and services

  • ScanSnap SV600