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Contribute to better productivity for high level knowledge-based services

« With the SV600, I can scan documents on the spot, in book-form and in color. This is a huge advantage. »

Motohiko Nakamura, Certified Public Accountant and Tax Accountant


The customer

Customer: Certified Public Accountant and Tax Accountant
Country: Japan
Industry: Financial services

The challenge

As both a certified public accountant and tax accountant, Motohiko Nakamura is mainly engaged in providing commercial advice to companies. In undertaking such work as advising on how to ensure that capital investment is tax-advantaged or providing analysis and advice on corporate restructurings or M&A, Mr. Nakamura needs to read a lot of documents held by clients.

The solution

The devices he uses for this purpose are the iX500 and the SV600. The SV600 can scan book-form documents that are double-leaved or bound and stamped and bound without damaging them.
He also uses the bundled CardMinder business card management software, choosing between the iX500 and the SV600 depending on the card size or format.

The benefits

  • Less time and money spent copying documents at client premises
  • Reduced risk of losing paper documents
  • Simplified entry of addresses by storing business cards in database

Products and services

  • ScanSnap iX500
  • ScanSnap SV600