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Organized office realized with digital archive of application and reference documents

« Thanks to "ScanSnap", the office is much cleaner. By managing office copies electronically, as long as I have a PC, I can quickly resume my work even if there is a disaster. »

Kei Enokida, Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, Enokida Firm


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The customer

Customer: Enokida Firm
Country: Japan
Industry: Legal

The challenge

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists handle various documents, such as those that occur daily in establishing companies and parking spot verification applications, a collection of documents that occur in inheritance and visa applications, and large documents. The originals all go to government offices or to the customers, and the paper copies are saved at the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Firm, Enokida. Due to this, they face issues with storage space and search convenience with paper copies.

The solution

Each time a new document is generated during the course of the work day, it is scanned with the iX100. Its compact size allows for scanning without taking up too much space on a crowded desk. When there are a large number of documents collected for a single job, they are scanned quickly using ScanSnap Evernote Edition, which has comparable functionality as the iX500 to scan documents all at once. Large documents are digitized using the SV600, a contactless overhead scanner.

The benefits

  • Reduced space used for saving documents
  • Significantly reduced effort and time due to searchable files

Products and services

  • ScanSnap iX100
  • ScanSnap SV600
  • ScanSnap Evernote Edition