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Digitization to protect documents that can no longer be safely opened

« Being a contactless scanner that scans from above, the SV600 can also scan small solid objects and incorporate the images into PDF files along with text and other material. This is something that wasn’t possible on conventional scanners. »

Masato Nomura, Leader of the Library Information Distribution Group, Central Library of Hiroshima University


The customer

Customer: Central Library, Hiroshima University
Country: Japan
Industry: Education

The challenge

One of the jobs of a library is to provide document images to other libraries in what is known as the interlibrary loan service. The Central Library at Hiroshima University had problems copying badly damaged magazine-format documents, which are in high demand. They had even resorted to using a digital camera.

The solution

The installation of an SV600 contactless scanner has simplified the job of copying damaged or large-format material. It also enables images to be enhanced through use of such helpful features as Book Image Correction and Point Retouch.

The benefits

  • Ability to copy valuable manuscripts without damaging them
  • Minimized work associated with turning over and holding down pages when scanning
  • Minimized errors by enabling pages to be viewed as they are copied

Products and services

  • ScanSnap SV600