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Automation of routine accounting tasks

« The speed and efficiency of the scanner has allowed us automate routine accounting tasks, leaving staff free to dedicate their time to other tasks. »

José Luis Cogolludo, CEO of Afianza Asesores S.L.


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The customer

Afianza Asesores S.L. LogoCustomer: Afianza Asesores S.L.
Country: Spain
Industry: Taxation, Labour law, et al.
Founded: 2001

The challenge

In the past, the document processing procedure was as follows: Afianza received documents from clients, which had to be scanned using their old scanner and saved in a network folder in order to be able to load invoices, etc. onto the Quantyca software program. The company was looking for a solution to automate and facilitate the document capture processes.

The solution

The Fujitsu fi-7180 document scanner has allowed Afianza to automate repetitive and mechanical scanning tasks that weren’t providing any value to their clients, leaving Afianza free to focus on their clients and their needs.

The benefits

  • Savings in terms of costs of man hours
  • Elimination of the majority of human errors in the accounting process
  • All scanned invoices are uploaded directly to the Quantyca OCR which saves a lot of time
  • Automation of routine accounting tasks, leaving staff free to dedicate their time to other work

Products and services

  • Fujitsu fi-7180 document scanner
  • Consulting services by PFU partner Quantyca
  • Quantyca software