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Are the conditions getting new devices and getting
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Modern rollout

There are many reasons for a hardware rollout. But the challenges are always the same:

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Difficult to plan

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Technical complexity

Icon Labor intensive

Labor intensive

Icon High costs

High costs

This means the rollout process requires a high degree of attention and energy right to the very end.

In today´s fast-moving world of work, requirements for modern and efficient deployment are changing.

Fujitsu solutions support the most common every-day scenarios:


Employees working remotely

Especially when employees are required to work from home, installation and configuration of new clients prove difficult. Equipment has to be delivered to home addresses and the set-up process has to be carried out by service staff.

Hardware modernization

Your older clients have to be replaced by new systems. These have various requirements and need to be customized accordingly.

To keep operations running – and save time and costs – the rollout has to be easy and efficient.


Adapt the rollout of the future

The next rollout is planned, the current infrastructure licenses are expiring.

Your chance to change to a new, future-ready technology that will save future rollout costs by up to 44%.


Experience a new world of a co-creation

The CX Lab is a new virtual co-creation metaverse designed to facilitate creative dialogue between customers and partners from the start of a project.

1. Fill out the form and we will get in touch to coordinate a joint session with you and our experts.
2. The session is free of charge and will take ~60 minutes.
3. Our CX Lab is a virtual meeting and presentation area, designed in a way that no additional tools are needed.

Fujitsu Staging Center
Fujitsu DeskView® Load (DVL)

DeskView Load is an exclusive solution provided by Fujitsu, which offers flexible staging options in the customer´s infrastructure that are customized to the users´ needs.

Of the many components, OS deployment, SW delivery, freezing of BIOS versions, BIOS settings and personalized labels as well as reports prove to be the most popular.

DeskView Load provides many fundamental components that ensure a highly efficient installation via Windows Autopilot.

Device management in the cloud
Microsoft Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies that set up and pre-install user-specific software packages on new Windows PCs. Making them ready for productive use faster.

Fujitsu supports the full scope of Autopilot – from “Sending hardware hashes” to the “Autopilot for pre-provisioned deployment” (white glove).

Combined with DeskView Load, Windows Autopilot is one of the most modern ways to support a rollout.

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DeskView® Load

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Windows Autopilot

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Ready to start

Take off

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Real customer example

Rollout of 3,600 devices in 2 months

Customer requirements:

  • Pre-installation of systems within the customer infrastructure
  • Individual computer name in the image and device label
  • Individual BIOS settings
  • Master key for easy hardware access
  • Customized packaging for faster rollout
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infographic saving hours
infographic saving hours
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A deeper and detailed technical explanation of our solution you can find here. We also offer there an option to book a session with a technical consultant absolutely free, in case you have additional questions.


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