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Fujitsu World Tour 2017 : Fujitsu Global

Fujitsu World Tour 2017: Digital Co-creation

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Welcome to the Fujitsu World Tour 2017. The theme for Fujitsu World Tour 2017 is “Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-Creation”. “Co-creation” has always been central to Fujitsu’s partnership approach. In a digital world, this becomes an imperative: bringing together previously unconnected fields of expertise to realise innovation and value creation at scale.

In a world of constant digital transformation, organizations need to learn fast, act quickly and scale rapidly. No-one can do this alone. We believe that having the right technology partner to respond to digital disruption is essential. It requires a blend of technology expertise with your organization’s own business and industry insights. For many years we have been working collaboratively to rapidly evolve organizations’ business processes and create new services and products, providing the widest range of IT solutions and partnerships for our customers to tap into.

Join us for a day full of topical discussions and knowledge transfer among the world’s ICT experts. As the largest roadshow of its kind, with more than 14,000 experts at events on 6 continents, the Fujitsu World Tour allows you to experience first-hand how Fujitsu is helping organizations to connect the digital dots.

By applying Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud and Security services and technologies, we are co-creating some inspiring digital transformation projects and making them real.

Come and see for yourself how to create true business value by multiplying human creativity with digital technology.

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Fujitsu World Tour is the biggest and best event of its kind. Spanning more than 20 countries over 6 continents, the tour starts in March and finishes in November and showcases the best of Fujitsu's innovative technology, services and solutions.

This is your chance to really understand how digital is transforming business and fuelling innovation. Gain insight from industry experts. Discuss the hot topics. Get to grips with digital strategies and how to execute them. Leave with new ideas and the energy to make them happen .

Watch the video to see highlights from the World Tour 2016.

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