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Fujitsu Forum

Fujitsu Forum 2015 Global Media Day

  • Human Centric Innovation in Action

    Fujitsu Forum 2015: 17 - 18 November, ICM Munich

    Starting one day prior to Fujitsu Forum 2015, the Media Day attracted more than 170 journalists from over 25 countries around the world.

    Integrated into the overall program of the event, media representatives experienced two days packed with a press conference, panel discussions, the popular ‘What’s on the

CTO’s mind?’ session, guided tours of the exhibition floor and more than 100 one-to-one media briefings with Fujitsu executives to discuss Fujitsu’s strategy and vision as well as the latest industry trends such as Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things.

We cordially thank all the journalists who contributed to the overwhelming success of Fujitsu Forum 2015 with their presence, discussions and opinions.

For those who want to revisit the highlights of their attendance of Fujitsu Forum and for those who could not attend, the press conference and panel discussions are now available for replay as on-demand video streams. Furthermore the press pack, including press releases, presentations and statements, is available at our newsroomOpen a new window.

  • Fujitsu Forum 2015 Press Conference
  • Fujitsu Forum 2015 - Panel Discussion - Business Centric Infrastructure
  • Fujitsu Forum 2015 - Panel Discussion - Digital Business
  • Fujitsu Forum 2015 - Panel Discussion - Intelligent Technology
  • Fujitsu Forum 2015 - Panel Discussion - Mobilizing The Enterprise
  • What is on the CTOs mind - Dr Joseph Reger, Fujitsu Fellow

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