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Event Keynotes


KeynotesThe keynotes of the Fujitsu Forum 2014 focus on strategic perspectives: What will be the direction of Human Centric Innovation? Which developments will be on the CIO agenda? What strategic factors should be considered by decision-makers? Fujitsu’s top managers and high-ranking executives from strategic partners like Intel will address these questions in terms of ICT and business value.

To review the Fujitsu Forum 2014 and to download the presentations please click here.

Tango Matsumoto

Mr. Tango Matsumoto
Executive Vice President & Head of Global Marketing

Human Centric Innovation & how to design the future

Human Centric Innovation
The opening keynote by Tango Matsumoto will focus on how value can be generated for your business and for our society by the new Human Centric Innovation approach. He will explain how Fujitsu - as your innovation partner - contributes to business growth and the resolution of social challenges, and this will set the scene for all the subsequent presentations which cover Fujitsu's global vision, its portfolio of services, solutions, products and its global delivery capabilities.
Brian David Johnson

Mr. Brian David Johnson
Futurist and Principal Engineer
Intel Corporation
How to Design the Future
What kind of future do you want to live in? What are you excited about and what concerns you? What is your request of the future? Brian David Johnson, Intel's outstanding futurist with international reputation, answers these questions and more with The Tomorrow Project, a fascinating initiative to investigate not only the future of computing but also the broader implications on our lives and planet. In Munich, Brian David will tell the inside story of his project and present amazing results.

Jürgen Walter

Mr. Jürgen Walter
Senior Vice President Head of Central Europe

Fujitsu and its customers: Innovation Co-creation

Human Centric Innovation is for a world where technology complements all of our lives. A place where information continually delivers knowledge and innovation thrives. How does Fujitsu implement this vision and how do customers benefit from it? Jürgen Walter will be addressing these questions in his keynote, depicting some remarkable customer examples. Find out how successful companies from the public and the private sector co-innovate in partnership with Fujitsu to benefit from the right mix of sustainability, innovation power, flexibility and new services.

Jay Kidd

Mr. Jay Kidd
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Office Net App

Chiseki Sagawa

Mr. Chiseki Sagawa
Senior Vice President, Head of Platform Strategic Planning Unit

The Role of Data Management in Innovation

Data Management and Innovation in the Cloud

Businesses are facing new challenges. These include the ongoing global markets changes, increasing customer demands and the pressure put on natural resources. Amid these challenges, the role of information and communication technology (ICT) is evolving. And cloud plays a major role in the current phase.

In this keynote NetApp and Fujitsu will emphasize

  • Why we believe Cloud and especially the Hybrid Cloud deployment will be the dominant model
  • How customers can keep ownership of their data and still leverage the flexibility and benefits of  the cloud
  • Where and how NetApp and Fujitsu cooperate in the cloud area

Both companies are committed to accelerate Human Centric Innovation by supporting businesses with latest innovation in ICT and by offering integrated solutions to our customers and the society

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Joseph Reger

Dr. Joseph Reger
Chief Technology Officer
Fujitsu EMEIA

Yoshikuni Takashige

Mr. Yoshikuni Takashige
Vice President Portfolio Strategy Divison, Global Marketing, Fujitsu

Digital Transformation & Fujitsu in Society

Digital Transformation
As the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) penetrate all areas and aspects of life, business and infrastructure, a hyper-connected world is created. Digital and analog businesses, processes and, indeed, worlds converge on the basis of ICT technologies. Innovation accelerates, new value propositions and new businesses are created, existing businesses fundamentally transformed. What this development means, what technologies it requires and will create and how to not just cope with it but how to make good use of it, is the subject of the presentation.

Duncan Tait

Duncan Tait
Executive Vice President, Head of EMEIA

Fujitsu in Society

Fujitsu uses the power of technology to contribute to the development of sustainable societies around the world. Working with both businesses and governments, in fields as diverse as energy, transportation, food, health, the environment, and education, Fujitsu's ICT can drive social innovation and generate solutions. Duncan will present highlights from this area of Fujitsu's activities and show that the company's vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society is already becoming a reality.
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