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ETERNUS Hybrid Storage : Fujitsu Global


In the digital world data are at the heart of business operations. It is imperative that you are prepared for this shift today with an eye on tomorrow. We understand professional data management is vital for all businesses, small and medium business as well as for large organizations. While SMB’s operate with lean IT staff and budgets it must be assured that the right storage technology delivers the right balance of functionality, scalability, and cost, a mid-level organization will have a different set of challenges that they would like to address.

However, the new Fujitsu ETERNUS AF S2 and ETERNUS DX S4 systems are solutions for all your requirements. We are here to take you beyond the boundaries of all-flash or traditional hybrid storage array.

Imagine you can... your storage by up to 10X as per business

arrow...achieve 99.9999 data availability

arrow...leverage data reduction technologies to shrink storage cost by up to 5X                    

It truly is Storage Unchained!

5050 Infographic

ETERNUS AF S2 and ETERNUS DX S4 are the new generations of the existing never-let-you-down ETERNUS AF and ETERNUS DX family, and they are designed to offer efficient and intelligent data management affordably. ETERNUS AF and ETERNUS DX systems understand your business objectives:

"There has been an enormous boost in performance – somewhere in the region of 180,000 IOPS, which means our critical EAM application runs twice as fast so users are more productive and less irritated.”

Siwart van der Veen, Manager
ICT KLM Equipment Services B.V.


  • Adapt to fit, with granular scalability for any change
  • Act to exceed, with superior performance for every business process
  • Afford the best, with enterprise features ready for all future needs

“The transparent failover solution was the main factor in our decision to work with Fujitsu. It would enable our services to continue running uninterrupted in the event of an error.”

Markus Handschuh, Head of IT System Operations,
REWE Dortmund

  • Always-on business: guarantee continuous access to data with mirroring and clustering
  • Always protected: enjoy consistent snapshots, back-up & recovery across physical & virtual IT
  • Always secure: with safe-data operation and built-in security parameters

“When we shifted to the new system, we got what we needed and we didn’t need to put so much time into managing data. By lightening our staff’s data management, they have more time to spend with our customers.”

Daniel Ivarsson, CEO
Diflex AB

  • Attain the max, with effective use of data reduction delivering major capacity savings
  • Achieve the optimum synergy between flash and disk storage to suit your situation
  • Automate to stay ahead, with assured performance SLAs in automated operation
We are here to take away all your worries related to storage management. Come be a part of the ETERNUS family and invest in a storage solution which is simple and easy to manage and is future-proof.