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Business-Centric Servers



Server innovations which make a greater contribution to your business

When developing the next generation of Fujitsu PRIMERGY systems, we not only wanted to use our 20 years of experience, but also integrate the know-how and findings of our customers.

The result is a user-inspired design that is more than just an improvement to the processors and features. This new generation of servers will further improve usability and serviceability, increase efficiency in the data center, and also support future developments towards a business-centric data center. In order to bring all this together Fujitsu offers a wide range of services and tools that reduce costs over the entire lifecycle, shorten project times and free up resources so that customers can concentrate on their core business.

Versatile performance
to overcome data

versatile performance

Go Green" - Increased
energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Foundation for trust
and security

increased availability

Innovations which
simplify the
management, freeing
up IT resources

Simplified Management
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PRIMERGY Video – 20 years of innovations


Fujitsu PRIMERGY – Business-Centric Servers


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