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Cyber Security

Fujitsu helps organizations to manage their information security and continuity risks effectively, inline with their business strategy, providing flexibility in the way they work and enabling secure and resilient business. Fujitsu offers a full range of security services that comprises consultancy, implementation and managed security services backed by best-of-breed security technologies including our own developed security offerings such as PalmSecure and SURIENT.

A Security Management Dilemma

The cyber and real worlds are now very closely intertwined. Compromising security in the cyber world can have very tangible and damaging effects in the real world. What type of security is needed to bridge these two interlinked worlds?

Using the latest security technologies to protect important customer information allows organizations to increase their business opportunities. Such use of cutting-edge security technologies for business growth has also become an important tool for increasing corporate value. At the same time, adopting security measures for protecting against cyber-attacks is vital. Previously, the focus of security was on how to protect information. However, we now need to focus more on Mission Assurance and Business Continuity, minimizing damage and restoring business to secure business continuity.

Services, Products and Solutions


Business and Application Services

Information Management
  • Cyber Security Services - element of both Business and Application Services and Managed Infrastructure Services
    Emerging IT trends give businesses a competitive edge. They also potentially expose them to new cyber threats. So how do you allow your organization to thrive while keeping it secure?
    Cloud computing, Internet of Things, and software-defined networking, among others, have ushered in a new era of IT. These new threats call for new ideas and approaches in Cyber Security. Businesses need to adopt a whole lifecycle approach to how they deal with security. To keep up with the aggressive pace of change within an ever changing digital world and to counter the ever expanding threat landscape businesses need to continually evolve their security capabilities. Fujitsu believes the answer lies in intelligence-led security. This is a new way of understanding, monitoring, and responding to threats. This is also the most effective when fully integrated across an entire security lifecycle. Highly versatile, it gives organizations the ideal response to constantly shifting security challenges - based on a comprehensive security portfolio. Fujitsu provides the experience and global scale to optimize organizations' approach to security to protect their reputation and revenue. And also providing rapid visibility and protection against new threats and allowing controlled usage of business enabling applications, services and other Cloud based services.
    By answering your security requirements with both our local and global Security Operation Centers, we offer cybersecurity tailored to your requirements and based on our experience in highly secure environments of more than 40 years. Fujitsu provides guidance on the most appropriate security controls to protect organizations, ongoing management of cyber security capabilities on behalf of customers and undertakes 24/7 security monitoring from its global Security Operations Centers (SOC). Also, Fujitsu's security professionals are trusted advisors with the expertise to enable organizations to prepare for and respond to cyber security incidents effectively and efficiently. We use market leading security products and professional services to support the assessment of risk, define requirements, provide technical and service design and architecture, as well as ensuring effective deployment and operation of the Managed Security Services. Fujitsu provides Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat Response services to proactively mitigate against threats as well as providing timely and expert response services to mitigate the impact of security incidents to our customers. As a global security and service integrator, Fujitsu provides security and resiliency consultancy services across the full delivery lifecycle delivered with the expertise and experience gained from years of security and service integration. The breadth of customers and partners that Fujitsu works with provide us with a clear understanding of the changing security model, the threat landscape and our continually evolving managed security services are underpinned by threat intelligence services we can provide with deep understanding of the customers' situation.
Enterprise Application

Fujitsu's Enterprise Applications services cover the design, development, configuration, implementation, rollout and ongoing management of solutions based on packaged ERP applications. (For a full description, please see the 'Integration' section.)

Software as a Service

Fujitsu offers a wide range of packaged applications as subscription-based services. (For a full description of 'Software as a Service' and offerings, please see the 'Cloud' section.)

Data Center Services

Fujitsu's Data Center Services provide our customers with the complete range of services to ensure their IT systems are fully operational for their users as well as to improve their IT flexibility, efficiency, performance and to reduce their costs. (For a full description, please see the 'Integration' section.)

End User Services (EUS)

Fujitsu's End User Services enables you to create a digital workplace environment that gives everyone in your organization the power to connect, collaborate and innovate. Giving your employees a unified platform they can use on almost any device, and giving them seamless access to familiar tools and workflows in a completely secure environment.
(For a full description, please see the 'Integration' section.)


Business and Technology Solutions

Security Solutions

Fujitsu helps organizations to manage their information security and continuity risks effectively, in-line with their business strategy. This is achieved by the extensive combination of Fujitsu's long-time user security expertise, partnerships with leading security vendors and own developed security solutions - easy to be integrated and to be enhanced with complementary software and hardware offerings to meet unique user security requirements. Two prominent solution examples for authentication / identity management and secure IT systems are described as follows:

  • FUJITSU Biometric Authentication Solutions - based on PalmSecure technology.
    We provide high reliability and security for a wide range of applications and market segments. This hygienic, contact-less technology uses unique vascular patterns as highly secure personal identification data, increasing user safety and comfort. PalmSecure ID Match is a universal platform for reinforcing ID cards for authentication by combining them with PalmSecure designed for a wide range of scenarios and with our Software Development Kit (SDK) easy to be integrated within IAM applications.
    With PalmSecure ID ACCESS we provide a highly secure off-the-shelf solution for physical access control of buildings for both front end and data center applications. New mobile workplace systems as well as desktop and ultrathin clients with integrated PalmSecure technology increase the security level dramatically. The combination of PalmSecure technology based on match-on-device solutions and high level security software is ideal for secured cloud access and secure payment applications.
    Additionally we offer with the new PalmSecure SL type sensor a small footprint sensor for desktop authentication beside PS mouse. PalmSecure ID Mobile is a convenient method to authenticate, using a smart phone carrying the personal palm vein template inside. Together with leading partners we open the field for biometric authentication into new application landscapes. Examples are: real-time bioLock™ for use with SAP® ERP - powered by Fujitsu PalmSecure which significantly improves security by monitoring and controlling SAP system operations using re-authentication at user-specific checkpoints.
    BioSec solutions based on Fujitsu PalmSecure allows the biometric identification of large numbers of visitors at sports stadiums, preventing that non allowed people can access the stadium, ensuring that the visitors can only access the sector they are permitted to enter and preventing that stolen or found tickets can be used by other people.
  • SURIENT Secure Rack
    The SURIENT Secure Rack protects sensitive data / services within racks from non-authorized access. It combines electromechanical locks and sensors with biometric authentication of PalmSecure ID Match. Racks can only be opened when the registered users authenticate themselves via palm vein recognition. Besides SURIENT Secure Rack that provides a fully configured rack, the SURIENT Secure Rack Upgrade Pack allows the easy upgrade of almost all existing and already deployed racks with electromechanical locks and biometric access control.

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