Retail in full flow

ServiceNow and the delivery of better service experience and improved efficiency

Modern retail is all about flows: of goods, people, processes and systems. And by ‘modern’ retail we don’t mean just the 21st century mix of online and physical retailers battling for consumers’ attention in a digital age.

ServiceNow is the latest tool to enable retailers of all kinds getting closer to consumers and ensuring that the flow of goods matches demand. Retailers have always sought to create what we now know as ESM – an enterprise service model – that eases the flow of all kinds of work, as well as products and services. In this Spotlight paper, we’re sketching out the basic parameters of how it achieves that effortless and frictionless flow.

ServiceNow can help retailers to achieve the following:

  • Deliver high-quality customer experiences by leveraging automation and knowledgeable employees.
  • Provide updates to inventory systems across dispersed locations easily and with complete transparency.
  • Make the on- and off-boarding of staff more efficient through the automation of processes.
  • Improve your IT service management and enterprise service management capabilities.
  • Reduce the complexity of reporting and do it in real-time.

For our Spotlight paper, we asked two specialists - Hannes Hirvikallio and Rowan Cape - to share their experience and knowledge about how you start doing all the above.

Spotlight on Retail


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