Transforming the public sector

How ServiceNow can bring government closer to the people

Government simply must work. And it must respond to changing societal needs. It has to keep pace with cultural, demographic, and behavioral change. It can’t become a sclerotic bureaucracy, which ignores the real world outside its established parameters.

At Fujitsu and ServiceNow we believe that digital technologies and processes, as well as our rapidly growing interconnectedness based on every more powerful and ubiquitous communication, enable government to enter a new era of dunamism which can answer the challenges (and threats) that local and national authorities face right now. We asked three of our experts to explain how that vision can be delivered, not just in the long-term, but now.

ServiceNow can help the Public Sector to achieve the following:

  • Improved customer experiences by digitizing the customer service journey Modernizing your IT systems into a single, cloud-based solution, increasing efficiency by automating workflows
  • Improving IT security through a system with intelligent workflows to combat cyberattacks more effectively and efficiently.
  • Exceed citizen expectations by treating the public to great customer service, making it easy to find information, making requests and tracking government services.
  • Enhance staff productivity by giving them access to smart services and information
  • Map and manage key services by connecting devices and infrastructure

This Spotlight will give you an insight in how the age-old problem of procuring goods and services for government can be accelerated and made more transparent, whilst yielding greater value for taxpayers.

Public Sector

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