Manufacturing in full flow

ServiceNow’s role in the delivery of Industry 4.0

Manufacturing is all about flow. Turning metals, plastics, rubber, and a wide range of organic materials into every kind of product you can imagine. Manufacturing is about making things at the best quality and price possible.

Our Spotlight paper highlights how ServiceNow can help you solve the key challenges as you bring your manufacturing capabilities into the digital era.

Fujitsu has helped global manufacturing organizations to deliver business services faster, better and smarter, through ServiceNow. ServiceNow represents a critical element in the delivery of smart manufacturing and the running of the digital factory. The flow of goods, data, and ideas needs a strong foundation, and that’s what the solution delivers.

ServiceNow can help your journey to the Smart Factory through:

  • Delivering high-quality customer experiences by leveraging automation and getting the most out of your experienced employees
  • Providing updates to inventory systems across dispersed locations easily and with complete transparency
  • Improving your IT Service Management and enterprise service management capabilities
  • Reducing the complexity of reporting and introducing real-time reporting

For our Spotlight paper, we asked three specialists - Hannes Hirvikallio, Mikko Pääkkönen and Glen Koskela - to share their experience and knowledge about what 21st century manufacturer needs to do in order to succeed.

Spotlight on Manufacturing


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