Enabling care to flow and flourish

ServiceNow and the challenge of modern healthcare

Global healthcare systems face many challenges in a world of constant change and ongoing financial constraints. How can we leverage the power of technology to ensure that we all get the care we need, when we need it, at the right cost? ServiceNow can contribute to delivering answers to those vital questions.

ServiceNow can help create healthier outcomes by:

  • Connecting people with care – giving patients an integrated approach to their care through a well-connected clinical and operations team.
  • Building a winning team – Providing accelerated access to care by rebooting your onboarding and offboarding to reduce turnover, cost less, and get providers up to speed faster.
  • Outsmart HER outages – Map IT services map to hospital systems so you can pinpoint problems, solve issues on the spot and avoid critical disruptions.
  • Resolve security risks – Protect your patient data from the recent surge of breaches and fight back with faster vulnerability response.

Spotlight on Healthcare

In this Spotlight paper, you will hear from three specialists on Healthcare. Common for all three is their passion about making life better for both professionals and patients, for providers and the organizations that fund healthcare which, ultimately, are each one of us. If you are sick, you don’t have time to be happy… or to be creative, productive, and caring. ServiceNow, working with Fujitsu, take that human-centric idea and put it into practice through digital technology.


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