A new era for «old» finance:

How ServiceNow delivers agility in a digital age

How can established financial players keep ahead of change and deliver the certainty and service that we all want from our chosen institutions, from banks to insurance companies and investment houses?

For this paper, we brought together three experts to describe how a well-informed and planned digital strategy can enable the so-called “old finance” players to be as nimble (even disruptive) as the rising challenger banks and fintech stars. Technology isn’t the point. Delivering sound financial services is. In fact, as is argued in this Spotlight, it’s the “old” players who have the edge, not the start-ups.

ServiceNow is central to the creation of software-defined banking that engages customers in ways that suit the new digital era: Mobile, online, or in newly transformed branches that aren’t just about money but about personal development.

ServiceNow can help financial institutions to achieve the following:

  • Improved customer experiences by digitizing the customer service journey
  • Increase employee satisfaction through automation, seamless processes and adapting to the changing face of banking
  • Enhancing risk protection by automating the response to cyber threats and risk based on business impact
  • Accelerate innovation using AI and automation to speed ideas to value, and at the same time cutting cost by unifying systems on a single cloud platform

Download this Spotlight to find out how ServiceNow is critical for how to deliver market leading financial services with careful strategies based on proven methodologies.


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