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Globally Acknowledged Quality Originating
from Extreme Evaluation

Sample Documents Collected from Around the World

Fujitsu has collected sample documents from around the world, ranging from paper so thin you could see through it, to very thick cards. There are nearly 300 of these samples from China alone. Engineers utilize these valuable resources for ongoing paper feed testing from its initial design through development stages.

Products that Work Just as Well in the Tropics or at High Altitudes

Fujitsu scanners are used in a variety of places around the world. There are people who live in cold climates with heavy snow where temperatures fall below negative 20 degrees Celsius, others who live by the sea or in hot-humid regions like Southeast Asia and still others who live at high altitudes of 3,000 meters or more. These differences obviously extend beyond climate and geography, with different countries and regions also possessing very different economies and cultures.

Ongoing testing in a variety of different forms is necessary to ensure a level of quality such that products can be reliably operated anywhere in the world.

The condition of a particular piece of paper when it is used may be quite different to that when it was new. Paper jams and other problems can occur more easily when paper is wrinkled or creased. The condition of paper also varies with the climate or the weather on any given day, with high humidity, for example, making pages more likely to stick together, thereby causing multiple sheets to be fed in together.

Fujitsu has an environmental test chamber that can replicate conditions ranging from the humidity and temperatures found at the North Pole to those at the equator, and it is not unusual to see engineers spending all day in this chamber conducting paper feed tests. The company is diligent about conducting tests to ensure that customers can use the scanners with ease, regardless of changes in environment or paper condition.

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