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When you’re on the move, you might need a Notebook or Tablet PC each with a clear, responsive touch display and/or a stylus that gives you the flexibility to make notes and get signatures on, for instance, contracts or receipts. Working in a single location? Then a desktop PC that’s connected to a network is a good solution. You don’t have to load all your applications and data on every device, you just access it from the cloud. And that should be the same for any mobile device you give your people. It makes it easy to ensure people can get on with their work and it cuts the costs that go with maintenance, updates, and managing lots of complex devices.

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If you’re a mobile worker

Use a mobile device like a Notebook or a Tablet – and these can then be integrated with displays and smart docking solutions when you’re in the office or at home. It’s all focused on making wherever you are into a workplace – ensuring you achieve your optimum smart working environment that meets your exacting standards.

If you’re a mobile worker
If most of your work is at a desk

If most of your work is at a desk

Let Fujitsu manage and maintain the technology that delivers smart working. Our Product Related Services take away the headache of managing and maintaining the technologies; we do it all for you.

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