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It’s vital you make the most of your network by delivering the right virtual desktop infrastructure and digital workplace services so they can focus on getting work done wherever they are. Explore how we deliver safe and confident access via any device via the cloud, and offer all the tools you need to manage cloud-based working end-to end.

In a virtual workplace real security is vital

In a virtual workplace
real security is vital

Cloud-based remote working must be accompanied by rigorous security. The ‘attack surface’ necessarily grows as people and devices are ever more widely distributed and used more intensively. That’s why Fujitsu’s focus on security is so strong. Find out how we ensure your people, processes, and technologies are protected.

Our Digital Workplace Services

FUJITSU Work Life Shift

FUJITSU Work Life Shift brings you the opportunity to enhance productivity by freeing your people to focus on creating real value, with no online or offline boundaries, while being part of a new and resilient organizational culture.

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Our servers

Our servers

Fujitsu’s servers use virtualization to get the right applications and data to all your people wherever they’re working through a Virtual Private Network. And talking of ‘virtual’ – our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure provides very safe access to an internal server or computer via any device as well as private cloud or applications and software hosted in the public cloud.

Product Related Services

Product Related Support

We’ll get it done. We focus on your remote workers, and cover everything and everyone. Our Product Related Services help you get the most from your IT budget while delivering what your people need to work anywhere.

Our Infrastructure Services

Our Infrastructure Services

Get your bandwidth and security right and you can enable online collaboration in all its forms – from Microsoft Teams to Zoom to Skype and any other service you choose. Make connecting to your network easy, put the right security protection in place (to be compliant as well as safe), and you’ll be able to make the best use of the cloud to empower your people. It’s what we do!



We offer the ability to link those devices directly to your brand. Fujitsu’s ‘made4you’ enables you to brand the devices you give to your people and the software that runs on them. Made4you means you can brand your tech and ensure its got all the right settings for each user from the start.

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