Leadership Keynotes

Our Fujitsu Forum 2019 keynotes provide thought-provoking insights into the strategic challenges and opportunities of the digital age, featuring senior Fujitsu executives and their special guests. These sessions are always amongst the highlights of Fujitsu Forum, featuring entertaining, high value presentations and discussion panels.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Day 1 - Wednesday 6th November

11:00 - 11:45 > Opening Keynote: Human centric innovation – driving a trusted future

Speakers: Takahito Tokita, President and Representative Director, Chief Digital Transformation Officer Fujitsu Limited
Rupert Lehner, SVP, Head of Central and Eastern Europe, Products Europe,
FujitsuPaul Patterson, SVP, Head of Northern and Western Europe, Fujitsu
Who can you trust? While digital technologies enable positive change for both business and society, they also pose important new trust challenges, from the controls around personal data to the wider ethical questions posed by AI and IoT. In this keynote, we will explore the key considerations for driving a trusted future together, including:
Vision: understanding what a trusted future looks like.
Innovation: exploring the role of innovation by sharing recent experiences.
Agility: adapting to disruptive challenges and how Fujitsu can help take the strain.
Ecosystems: creating the partnerships required to deliver successful outcomes.
Being human centric: working together to drive a trusted future focused on people.

14:00 - 14:45 > Building a trusted ecosystem

Speaker: Fleur Copping, SVP, Head of Central and Eastern Europe, Products Europe, Fujitsu and panel
In our partner keynote, Fleur Copping, VP, Head of Global Strategic Alliances, Fujitsu, will lead a panel discussion on the importance of trust in creating new ecosystems and value propositions in the digital age. Fleur will be joined by senior executives from Intel, Microsoft, NetApp and Nutanix.

16:00 - 17:30 > Driving a trusted future together with partners

Speaker: Dave Hazard, Head of Channel Europe, Fujitsu
Dave Hazard, Fujitsu’s Head of Channel Europe, and his guests will share how new ecosystems and the spirit of co-creation can help channel partners identify opportunities in a fast-moving digital environment. Our prestigious and ever-popular SELECT Awards ceremony will take place during this session, which is exclusively for Fujitsu channel partners and service providers.

Day 2 - Thursday 7th November

10:00 - 10-45 > Seven ways to own the world

Speaker: Andreas Ekström, TED Speaker, Futurist and Writer for Sydsvenskan
TED Speaker, Futurist and Writer for Sydsvenskan Andreas Ekström is one of Europe’s most sought after futurists. In his keynote session, titled ‘Seven ways to own the world’, Andreas will share his fascinating insights into the challenges facing the next wave of the digital revolution, including the impact of new and emerging technology on people’s lives and his vision for ’digital democracy’.

12:00 - 12:45 > From mathematical to industrial optimization

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Reger, VP, Fujitsu Fellow, Chief Technology Officer Europe, Fujitsu
We have been optimizing almost every aspect of our lives since the early days of humanity. This has demanded new mathematical tools and consequently has been a driving force in the development of mathematics itself. Computers ushered in a new era of optimization, making it possible to deal with previously intractable optimization challenges. Now we are at the dawn of a new era that opens up unprecedented possibilities. Quantum Computing is on the horizon, while quantum-inspired computing is already being deployed with astonishing results. How does this new level of optimization work and which industries are seeing the benefits? We will look at these questions and discuss concrete successes from various industries, with Fujitsu customers joining us on stage to share their experiences.