Demo center – Fujitsu City

Human centric innovation and co-creation for success were at the heart of the extensive demo center at Fujitsu Forum 2018. Visitors were able experience the latest ICT-technology, solutions and services from Fujitsu. The demo center, covering about 3,500 square meters with more than 250 exhibits, was designed to resemble a modern city landscape with retail stores, factory, bank, data center, hospital, town hall, university, train station and more, where horizontal and vertical solutions and services were presented in the context of their real-life application.

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Data Center Systems

Increasing the adoption of digitalization and introducing new technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and big data is results in major data center transformation projects. Fujitsu supports IT organizations in this journey by providing the right blend of system innovations as well as robust and agile IT architectures. Examples are new technologies at the system and component level, such as all-flash storage, new flash implementations such as NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), graphical processing units which can be used for large-scale data analytics and lean virtualization technologies like containers. They are incorporated in a comprehensive portfolio of servers, mainframe and storage technologies as well as integrated systems and infrastructure management solutions paving the way to a fast IT which is software-defined, hyper converged and hybrid.

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FUJITSU PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers are delivered in several form factors and expansion options to make the best fit for any kind of vertical use-cases and application scenarios across industries. What all x86 servers have in common, is easily described with the four core values: quality, efficiency, agility and integration. The x86 server portfolio is completed by the Fujitsu SPARC M12 systems featuring the SPARC64 XII processor offering dramatic improvements for a wide range of database workloads, from mission-critical systems on premises to big data processing in the cloud.

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Enterprise Platform Services

The comprehensive and innovative portfolio with BS2000, Global Server, VME Services, Third Party Mainframe Services and Data Center Management and Automation Solutions is the perfect basis for driving digital transformation successfully. Also on show is the EPS Academy – established for addressing the growing demand for more IT experts and promoting learning among IT specialists with a special focus on mainframe and data center technologies.

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In a digital world where data is the heart of business operations, imagine you can afford the very best in storage – whatever the size of your business. Imagine storage technology that supports growing volumes of digital business data and gives you non-stop, secure access. Imagine storage systems that can leverage the new economics and efficiencies of flash technologies. Imagine automated backup and archiving solutions protecting your business data against system failures and ransom ware whilst reducing the costs and efforts for data protection. Transform your storage landscape into a genuine enabler for digital business growth, efficiency and continuity. Discover ETERNUS storage solutions for a digital world.

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Integrated Systems

When looking at all the new demands being made on data center infrastructures, and all the new options which might be instrumental in coping with them, it is obvious that only a very few IT organizations can fully rely on a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Under the brand PRIMEFLEX Fujitsu is offering a comprehensive and continually growing range of powerful integrated systems that are pre-defined, pre-integrated and pre-tested. PRIMEFLEX represents a proven approach to rapid, low-risk data center integration.

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Converged Infrastructure Management

To support the trend toward the software-defined data center, it is important to abstract the server, storage and network technology. Fujitsu meets this requirement with its Infrastructure Manager (ISM), which simplifies the management of all underlying hardware, provides increased agility to provision IT resources and, by abstracting the IT infrastructure layer, enables the use of service-level-driven orchestration tools (e.g. from Microsoft, Open Stack or VMware) and hybrid cloud approaches. All resources can be controlled as one entity and integrated in hybrid IT environments thanks to the Infrastructure Manager.

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Client Computing Devices

Customers of Fujitsu can choose from one of the broadest client computing device portfolios worldwide which helps to optimize the efficiency of employees. The result is a more agile, collaborative and productive workforce, creating the value successful businesses need. The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 include:

  • ESPRIMO G558 - New 0.86l PC - Powerful PC functionality in an ultra-compact design
  • Collaboration Point for modern offices with ESPRIMO MRE and Display XL-55 touch
  • ESPRIMO Meeting Room Edition in combination with PalmSecure - easy & secure login
  • Workstations for media & entertainment: virtual reality, multi curved display wall (16 displays), media creation workplace
  • Artificial Intelligence: video OCR, optical inspection, heart explorer; CELSIUS R970 with 2x NVIDIA GV100 graphics
  • New security products: FUJITSU Privacy filters and Keyboard KB951 PalmM2 with integrated Palm Secure sensor

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Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud

Fujitsu offers cloud platforms for all business needs and digital projects, market-leading multi-cloud management and integration services, infrastructure, applications and service transformation capabilities as well as advisory and co-creation services.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

  • Multi-cloud:
    • Fujitsu cloud services
    • Partner cloud services – Azure, VMware, Oracle & AWS
  • Seamless and secure management of Hybrid IT & Multi-Cloud:
    • Orchestration & managed services
    • Hybrid data management
  • Accelerated transformation and modernization:
    • Infrastructure transformation
    • Application and service transformation
  • Fast innovation:
    • Cloud-native applications and emerging technologies

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Enterprise and Cyber Security

Fujitsu’s holistic, intelligence-led approach to security works to identify, detect and protect customers from security threats. Highly versatile, it gives organizations the ideal response to constantly shifting security challenges.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

  • SOC in a Box (Security Operation Center) – Managed Security Services, e.g. Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat Analytics
  • Security Consulting Services
  • Identity as a Service and Privileged Access Management
  • Biometrics, PalmSecure and FIDO (Fast Identity Online)

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Hyper Connected Business

The network of a hyper connected business supports new and exciting ways of working as well as data and insight for decisions that ensure competitive advantage. The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 include:

  • IT/OT integration and IoT computing– IoT blends IT and OT (technology and assets), and links the physical world to the IT world. Demo: Industrial IoT, HoloLens, Sound Sensor
  • Decisive action – IoT computing is virtual edge, making sense of information from the physical world to make decisions and take action from data and information from multiple channels. Demo: Signage and Tracking
  • Optimize everything – Connectivity is fundamental to digital transformation and the network is a business critical component. Fujitsu supports next generation networks. Demo: IoT and edge services – FMNO, VEdge
  • Seamless collaboration – Blending of the digital world with the real world. Unified communications with workforce collaboration and intelligent communications. Demo: Augmented reality, connectivity and collaboration tools
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI helps to solve problems through understanding data analytics and developing knowledge based systems. Demo: AI use cases

Digital Workplace Services

The Digital Workplace Service (DWS) exhibition space will show a week in the life of a new employee commencing his or her first day in a brand new role, in a brand new organization. DWS uses the latest technology to provide workplace tools and support, low or zero touch setup, maintenance and evolution of the workplace, all with a focus of providing a great end user support experience which results in productive and empowered employees.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

  • Social Command Centre: End-to-end support experience including Voice Biometrics, Pixel Pin, Virtual Agent, contextual mobile support
  • Intelligent Engineering: Connect IT Bar, Augmented Reality, Robotic Process Automation, Operational Service Orchestration, Selfoss
  • Optimize everything – Connectivity is fundamental to digital transformation and the network is a business critical component. Fujitsu supports next generation networks. Demo: Workplace Anywhere: vDaaS, Workspace One, Citrix Workspace , O365, VALO
  • Service Intelligence: Cognitive analytics, machine learning, data analytics
  • Security

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Connected Retail

Fujitsu supports retailers to boost efficiency, increase revenue and grow. The solutions and services offered aim at improving the customer retail experience as well as the management of resources, queues and stocks. In addition they comprise easy and secure payment, personalization to strengthen customer engagement and loyalty and fraud detection and prevention.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

Grocery and petrol stations

  • Shopping via voice recognition AI devices
  • AI image recognition
  • Queue management
  • Self scan applications
  • Interactive shelf edge labels
  • Palm vein readers
  • AI fraud detection at check out
  • Self checkouts with age verification
  • Mobile payment


  • Task management
  • Retail engagement analytics
  • Queue management
  • RFID tagging
  • Face recognition
  • Self check out
  • Connected fitting room
  • Lift and learn

Agile Financial Services

Fujitsu provides innovative and agile technologies, and the balanced legacy and digital capabilities to transform the business of its financial services sector customers.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

  • Agile infrastructure - HIT, Digital Workplace Services, application transformation
  • Intelligent business - Blockchain, RPA, ServiceNow, RmP, Analytics, AI
  • Connected financial services - JanuX services for self-service networks, IoT
  • Future of financial services - Digital Annealer, Digital Banking Platform
  • Chatbot for banking
  • FIDO
  • Branch of the future

Manufacturing / Smart Factory

With more than 50 years track record of manufacturing industry expertise, Fujitsu is the competent partner to realize - in co-creation - the shift to a “Digital Factory“. We are supporting companies around the globe to contribute to a more prosperous future and achieving profitable growth, data and supply chain security, cross border expansion, operational efficiency and workflow productivity.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

  • Intelligent Dashboard 
  • Digital Annealer - Quantum Computing to solve industry optimization problems 
  • Distributed Ledger Technology for Manufacturing
  • F|AIR for automated nondestructive tests using AI based image recognition
  • HoloLens and MSFT Azure
  • Factory production line simulation and assembling simulation
  • Factory Line Visualization
  • Managed Business Processes, EDI (Fujitsu Glovia)
  • SAP Manufacturing solutions
  • Business innovation (SAP Leonardo)
  • Frictionless supply chain: RFID and NFC solutions for tracking an inventory management

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Automotive – Intelligent Mobility 2025

The exhibition is focused on automotive solutions regarding Connected Car and how this supports mobility services and key concepts of customers from the automotive industry. The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

  • FOMM ONE, Battery Cloud Service: FOMM produces compact electric vehicles and Fujitsu supports their Battery Cloud Service which estimates the battery usage and provides assistance finding charging points.
  • Over the air updates (OTA) of firmware and software: OTA will not only reduce the cost of automotive recalls with software based features but also will allow car manufacturers to install new software or enable new features in vehicles enabling the rollout of new business cases even after the car is sold.
  • Image Data Lightning Solutions: These new solutions will improve the video quality for the image recognition necessary for autonomous driving. In addition they will compress and optimize the volume of data that needs to be shared to the backend.


Our portfolio of secure, intelligence-led transportation solutions enables transport operators across sea, air, rail and road to deliver a more personalised and consistent customer experience.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

  • Maritime Traffic Management and Smart Port Operations
  • Smart Logistics including Warehouse of the Future concepts powered by Quupa and TopCat centralised uniform management
  • SPATIOWL Rail Operations Dashboard
  • SPATIOWL - Road Traffic Management Solution and Collaboration between HERE and Fujitsu
  • Account Based Ticketing and Bus ETM
  • Fujitsu Sound Sensing Platform for Airports (Digital Ear)
  • Emerging Technology for Mobility including use cases for Digital Annealer, BlockChain, AI and Robotic Process Automation

Co-creation in Digital Transformation Centers

Fujitsu supports the digital transformation journeys of its customers by co-creating in Digital Transformation Centers (DTC) where business experts from customers together with technology experts from Fujitsu address specific business challenges leading to the development of concepts and practical next steps for their rapid implementation.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2018 will include:

  • A pop-up DTC will replicate key elements of the real DTCs in Munich, London, Tokyo and New York.
  • On 75-inch touch screens Fujitsu’s unique approach to design thinking, called Human Centric Experience Design (HXD), will be demonstrated.
  • Customers can participate in intensive, tailored workshops addressing their business challenges. These workshops make use of a methodology and tools developed specifically for digital transformation projects. They are proven in hundreds of customer engagements in Japan and across the world.