EuroShop 2020

Fujitsu has announced a dramatic shift to our Global Corporate strategy from a traditional Information & Communication Technology (ICT) firm, to a Digital Transformation (DX) firm. Implicit in this announcement is a significant investment in accelerating our capabilities in being an agent of transformation for our clients across the industries we serve including Retail.

Moreover, Fujitsu has also announced a supporting R&D Strategy to enable us as a Technology-based Digital Transformation Company, with ten (10) key technology fields as concentration—among them Computing, AI, Cyber Security, Cloud and Data.

For Retail Industry inside Fujitsu, EuroShop 2020 is a seminal moment in beginning to recast the market’s awareness and understanding of Fujitsu’s capabilities to be your agent of transformation AND your Digital Core.

Enjoy our playlist on YouTube:

Presentations at EuroShop

11:00 – 11:20 17. Feb 2020 | OMNICHANNEL-STAGE

A true quantum leap – Optimizing to a new level with Quantum inspired computing from Fujitsu

11:40 – 12:00 18. Feb 2020 | RETAIL TECHNOLOGY STAGE

From OnPremise to the Cloud! Discover your future with SAP operating models

15:00 – 15:30 19. Feb 2020 | RETAIL MARKETING STAGE

The digital Store

Connect with Connected Retail.

The digital transformation also has a profound impact on the retail sector: Customers today are better informed than ever, more consciously choose trade channels and make purchasing decisions more flexible.

How can you react to this and connect the individual channels efficiently? How do you skillfully combine the online business with stationary trading processes?

Explore innovative retail technologies, and learn about Connected Retail solutions in our EuroShop booth (#6E75).

Here is a recap from EuroCIS 2019

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