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Tackling your challenges in teaching – with technology

Teaching is changing dramatically at the moment. You’ve got some huge opportunities. You can delve even deeper into your subjects, and you can use higher quality teaching material than ever before. But with these opportunities come big challenges. How can you personalize education? How can you stay on top of tracking and reviewing homework? How can you improve learning processes? And how can you improve time management and efficiency, in all your tasks? Well, we’ve got some ideas.


Improved working

The answer to efficient working

Whether you’re in the classroom or catching up with marking, you need a device that lets you work how you need. A device that stays connected, wherever you are.

A device that you can move between classrooms, or take home. Our range of both mobile and desktop devices give you the performance and productivity you need to help you improve how you work.

They’re robust, and built to withstand whatever your day throws at you. They’re easy to add to your network, and allow for effective collaboration. They’re high performing and highly responsive, so you can do what you want – instantly. And they have long lasting batteries, so you’re never caught short when working away from your charger. The FUJITSU ESPRIMO Q MRE keeps you connected. It has fewer wires – but enables faster working. And it lets you and your students interact with content in real time.


Personalized learning

Giving students a personalized experience

Every student has their own preferred way of learning. So, why do we teach them all the same way? Time and resource has always restricted us before.

But now, we’re capable of giving our students a personalized learning experience. With new technology, we can deliver a level of education that suits every student.

Our education solutions let you use your devices to communicate with your students. They let you implement active learning. So, your students can check each other’s work, and express ideas to the class. And you can encourage discussion and participation in all lessons. You’ll find the right device to support your personalized learning set-up, with our broad portfolio.


Standardized learning material

Supporting high quality teaching material

Teaching is going through an incredible transformation. The materials you’ve got at your fingertips can bring your subject to light in a million new ways.

So, you can always keep your students spellbound. But how can you support this new quality of teaching material? And what if you could share it with other teachers in your school?

With our education solutions, you can get the most from new material. Our easy-to-use platform lets you share, set up, and save the best resource for your classes. You get access to student devices, so you’re always up to date with any correspondence and work. You can give substitute teachers easy and prompt access to the right material when you’re off. And we manage your platform and your server – so you have more time to teach.


Managed learning sessions

Transforming your learning processes

Managed learning environments are finally appearing in education. They’re helping to transform learning processes, and giving teachers the tools they need to support their students.

But not all solutions can deliver what they promise. So, you need to find the right set-up for your school.

Our education solutions help you bring IT into the classroom. Whether you’re introducing new processes, like active learning, or need access to all your students’ work, our platforms can help. And because they’re intuitive and easy to use, you and your students can keep up with change.

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