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Stay in control. Stay secure

When your students are on site, they don’t just expect a great education. They expect you to keep them safe. From protecting their data to checking access, you need to cover every angle. So, how can secure your infrastructure, or update your attendance control in the most effective, most reassuring way? Well, if you work with us – it’s easy.


Secure infrastructure

Secure your infrastructure. Secure your school.

A lot depends on your infrastructure. If it goes down, the consequences are disastrous. Plus, it stores a lot of sensitive student data.

Data that you don’t want getting out. So, your infrastructure can’t just be reliable – it has to be secure too.

We can give you a safe, secure platform for computer-based learning. So, you can be sure that your school and students are protected. As part of our package, you get anti-virus software, identity and access management, secure data storage, safe data exchange, and youth protection. And we can provide and manage your server, giving you peace of mind.


Access control/attendance visibility

Get control and visibility over access and attendance

You have a duty to protect your students, staff and teachers. And that starts with controlling who has access to your school, your buildings, and your rooms.

When you need more than ID cards and guest passes, you need PalmSecure. This biometric solution helps you keep certain areas free of students – like staff rooms – and means parents rest easy, knowing strangers can’t get onto school ground.

PalmSecure also gives you visibility over attendance. From taking the register every day, to making sure the right students are in the right exam, you can simplify processes while upgrading security. Because when you’re in charge of hundreds – if not thousands – of students and staff, you need to know who’s on site, and when. The easy way to do this? With PalmSecure ID Access and ID Match.


Emergency alarms via PC

The security you want, with the solution you need

You can’t predict the future. And as hard as you try, there comes a time when your existing IT can’t take the pressures of new demands.

Sometimes this is forgivable. But when it comes to security concerns, you need the best on offer. And you need it immediately.

That’s why we let you customize your solutions and devices. Whether you need an emergency alarm fitted to your teachers’ PCs, or extra security features added to the network, we can help. Our made4you customizing service gives you exactly what you want, when you want it.


Asset Tracking PC

Keeping an eye on school assets

Regardless of how big your school is, equipment is always going to go missing. It might just have been misplaced. Or it could have been tidied away into the wrong place.

But regardless of where it’s gone, finding it is a big waste of your time. Our made4you customizing service helps you keep tabs on your school’s property.

But you can do more than track your inventory with our made4you customizing service. We can help you easily trace MAC addresses, giving you full visibility into what your different devices are doing.



Could your school go cashless?

Children shouldn’t need to take cash to school. It increases the risk of bullying. And it often gets lost.

But when they need money to buy school dinners, what can you do?

Well, we can help your canteen go cashless. From PalmSecure to ID cards, your school can adopt a pay per use method that suits your needs and your students. And it means you can wave goodbye to loose change, and hello to super secure, super safe payments.



The easy way to great IT

Keeping your school’s IT up and running is vital. If the system goes down, your students could lose important work, and classes get disrupted. But you have many other things to do.

And if you spend all your time looking after IT, you can’t come up with new ideas to help improve the school.

So, why not leave it to us? We can look after all your IT – from your server to your devices. Our warranty agreements give you the peace of mind that no matter what happens, your school’s IT won’t come to any harm. And when it comes to our products, we repair and replace if anything goes wrong.


Improved collaboration

A set-up for success

Without the right-set up, students and teachers will struggle to work well together. So, you need to ensure that your school’s facilities will help improve collaboration – not disrupt it.

But with technology changing so fast, you might find it hard to keep up. That’s why we’re here to help. Our education solutions keep you ahead of change, and collaborate better.

The FUJITSU ESPRIMO Q/MRE keeps all classrooms seamlessly and wirelessly connected. So, classes can start on time, with all the required learning materials in place. And the FUJITSU ScanSnap is a contactless scanner with an impressive array of functions. It lets your staff and students create a range of documents, helping them work together.

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