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Making the connected classroom a reality

You can have the best teachers. Students eager to learn. Books and devices of the highest standard. But if your classroom can’t connect it all, then your students won’t get the benefits. Gone are the days when teachers would stand in front of students, lecturing from a textbook. Education is getting more and more interactive, and classrooms need to support this. They need to enable modern learning, and all that it entails: from wireless printers to fast, reliable networks. Together, we can help you create connected classrooms.


Connect from everywhere

Time is for teaching. Not setting up tech.

Time is precious. Your classrooms need to be ready as soon as your students and teachers are.

Because if they aren’t, you risk wasting time on setting things up – and losing valuable teaching time.

The FUJITSU ESPRIMO Q956/MRE seamlessly and wirelessly connects students and teachers. So, you can always start lessons on time. It lets you turn your classrooms into connected, smart places to learn. It helps you share screens from any location, and with other teachers and students. It enables interaction between students and teachers in real time. And it helps you create a safe learning environment, protecting your students, teachers, staff – and data.


Environmental care

The environmentally-friendly classroom

The environment is a growing concern in every establishment – from the business world, to education. So, it’s time to see how your technology choices can make a difference.

Aside from using less paper, you’ll be surprised how our education solutions can help. With us, you can turn your school into a low-carbon operation. You can reduce the impact of printer services and stop wasting paper. And you can save up to 40% of your energy costs, compared to any PCs in your school over four years old.


Modern Learning/media sharing

Facilitate in-depth subject exploration

Your students carry the world in their pockets. With smartphones and tablets, they can access any media they want, wherever they are.

And education must mirror this. Students don’t want to waste time waiting for the right section in a video. They don’t want to wait for buffering. They want to consume content in class like they do at home.

Our education solutions let you can teach the way your students want. You can access any material with one click. You can play video clips, gifs and podcasts to support your subject. And you can do this instantly, and from anywhere.

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